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After months of winter weather, we are dealing with the effects of dry air in our home. Our family has noticed dry skin, more sinus congestion, dry throats, cracked lips and more! To help with these discomforts, especially this time of year...we were introduced to the Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifer. 

For those who are not familiar...Scandinavian Child (SCI) is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative, functional and stylish children's products. They have recently introduced Duux, a new line of high quality baby electronics featuring contemporary design and great ease of use to support parents with newborns...including humidifiers!

In learning more about the humidifiers from Duux, I was excited we were going to have the opportunity to review the Ultrasonic Air Humidifer


  • Ultrasonic Technology (immediate mist)
  • Cool Mist
  • 8-10 hr run time on one tank
  • Low energy consumption
  • Night Light
  • Compact Design
  • Filter-less
  • Auto shut down
  • Interval timer
  • Silent operation
When it arrived, I was immediately impressed with the sleek, modern design. I love the smaller size and the fact that it could easily sit in any room without standing out. It fits right in, and I love that!

Of course, aside from it's appearance, I was also excited to test it out and see how it worked! Thankfully it's very easy to set up and use! First, I filled the lower part with water. There's a MAX line so I knew where to fill to. This is the point where a person could put a few drops of aroma in as well, like eucalyptus or balsam. I haven't done this yet, but plan to!

I then closed it, by placing the top on and plugged it in. Now we were ready to try it out!

There are buttons on the top which make using it a piece of cake! There's the power button. Upon turning it on, it immediately starts misting a cool mist. I love this ultrasonic technology! 
notice the mist

There's also a nightlight switch which is great for a kids room. I've used it in my son's room, and he's used to some light, so this worked out great! It can be turned off if you prefer no light too. The nightlight blinks if the water level has reached below the minimum or the tank is empty. I like this feature also!

There's a timer button which I love for auto shut-down. There's also a 30 sec. interval mode! This is a 30 seconds mist interval. It operates pretty quietly which is also nice, as this is typically used when my little guy is sleeping. The water tank lasts up to 16 hours which is also great!

Another nice feature is that the ultrasonic technology uses 80% less power than other humidifiers while protecting us from harmful bacteria and steam. There is no filter, so it's very easy to care for and clean. I simply disconnect the adapter before cleaning with a dry cloth. 

Overall, I've been really happy with the Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifier from Scandinavian Child! It's a great compact size, looks modern, and best of all, works quickly and efficiently! I would definitely recommend it other parents with little ones.

Duux also has other great products as well, including the Air Humidifier Mushroom, a baby projector and an air purifier! 

The Air Humidifier Mushroom has a cute design and is great for a child's bedroom. It creates a cool mist within seconds thanks to ultrasonic technology and has a nightlight to help make children feel safe in the dark. It retails for $75.

I also love the look of the adorable baby projector! It fills the room with stars and plays a sweet lullaby. You can also set the soft blue nightlight to simultaneously provide a peaceful rest for babies and toddlers. This is something all three of my kids would love. It retails for $45. 

Lastly is the air purifier, which in my opinion, is a must-have during cold/flu season especially! It has a modern, compact design and helps to keep the air clean. It includes a detachable HEPA-filter and built-in vaporizer to spread a nice aroma through the room. There's also a nightlight for kids! It retails for $75.

Buy It: You can purchase the Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifier for $75 at www.duuxusa.com

You can also connect with Duux on Facebook and Twitter.


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