#CelebrateFirstFlush with Pull-Ups Training Pants #MC

Posted by Jenna | Monday, March 24, 2014

**I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom CentralConsulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

As many of you may remember reading, I recently announced that I was very excited when asked to be a Pull-Ups First Flush Ambassador! Potty training is a milestone that is not only exciting, but also takes a lot of time and effort for both the parent and child. 

Caysen has been doing great with the potty. Like most children, he struggles more at night time than daytime with accidents. And even if we have accidents during the day, we continue to work through them and praise his successes!

I have been really happy with how well potty training has gone with all three of my kids. All children are different in the way they feel and approach it though. For Kaelyn, she wasn't as motivated and needed an incentive to keep her trying until she caught on. Kaden was a bit older and caught on very quickly. He was probably my easiest to potty train, but I think a lot of that has to do with being a little bit older and more mature.

Caysen has taken the longest when it comes to daytime and nighttime training, however...I love his motivation and desire to be accident-free! When accidents do happen...he lets us know right away.

No matter the method of potty training, or the age of the child...it can be stressful at times. That's why it's nice to have tools and resources to make it go more smoothly! Pull-Ups training are designed to look and fit more like underwear and work with your child's potty training learning style. 

The moment Caysen saw the Pull-Ups training pants we received, he was very excited about the Cars images on the front! I think part of potty training is making it fun for the child. Having a Pull-Up that draws them in with characters and pictures that interest them is one way I've found really helps! 

The Pull-Ups are not only fun looking, but they seem to fit well. When I tried them on Caysen he seemed comfortable and could easily still run around and play. 

Going from diapers to underwear can sometimes cause confusion for a child, which is why Pull-Ups are a nice option. They offer protection and independence while keeping accidents at bay. My favorite thing about them, is that they allow children to be independent in pulling up and down their Pull-Up, just like underwear, but at the same time...offer the protection they need.

If you're beginning or are on the potty training journey, I would encourage you to visit the Big Kids Academy on the Pull-Ups website. They offer a wealth of resources, tips and tricks - helpful to all parents, whether you've been through this journey before or not. After all, every child is unique and different in the way they train.

We've always tried to make potty training fun for the kids, so I love that the Pull-Ups website offers so many fun ways to celebrate milestones and encourage children as they potty train...including a potty break call from Mike or Sully of Monsters University, potty dances and more!

You can learn more about these different tools and resources available on the Big Kid Academy via the Pull-Ups website, Facebook page, and Twitter Page.

Another resource I recommend checking out is the Big Kid App available on Apple and Android smart phones. The app offers videos and songs and a Big Kid checklist to help your little one in his or her nighttime routine. I downloaded it and found the songs to be a lot of fun. I also love the Big Kid Checklist! 

This is something I can use with all three of my kids and makes them feel like big kids. It also makes the night time routine more fun and smooth!

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