Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Activity

Posted by Jenna | Friday, February 14, 2014

I love spending time with my kids, playing games and doing activities. It's fun time we can spend together, and when I can think of something that's educational's all the better! Kaden is very eager to learn - practicing his letters, numbers...pretty much anything that gets him ready for Preschool next year. 

Since he's shown an interest more in learning his name, we've been working on letter recognition and writing the letters. 

I decided I'd make a game out of it and printed his name in all uppercase letters on a piece of paper (I also laminated it so we can use it time and time again). I then grabbed a bag of large candy hearts and one of our large dice. The Valentine candy was obviously for the month of February, but this would be a fun activity with any time of the year using other manipulatives such as counting bears, candy corn for Fall, etc.

Since Kaden LOVES anything to do with counting and math, I had him roll the die and each time he would put that number of candies down on the letters, one by one. If he rolled a 4, he would grab 4 candies and start placing them on the K first (then the A, D and so on). 

He thought it was more of a game than an activity, and although there was lots of learning going on with counting and letter/name recognition, he had a blast! He was so proud of himself once he had finished all the letters in his name!


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