Travel down an Oracle Certification Pathway {Guest Post}

Posted by Jenna | Monday, February 24, 2014

Oracle certification pathways are excellent options for individuals who are experienced with or would like to increase their knowledge of one product or group of inter-related technologies. In a certification pathway, individuals will earn certification in a ladder-like pattern, starting at the bottom (the foundational, basic skill certifications) and climbing their way up (to professional or often expert certification levels, in which advanced concepts and uses of the products are tested and validated). Participants in a pathway will work toward obtaining and advancing in a job role, such as software implementer or administrator, which allows for constant improvement and advancement.

The certification pathways usually begin with an associate level certification, in which foundational IT knowledge and basic software and job roles skills are tested. Most associate certifications require a passing score on one exam. A professional certification can next be earned, while an expert or master certification can later be earned with acquisition of the professional level certification, completion of training, and work experience. The difficulty of the skills and concepts tested increases with each level.

Popular certification options such as Database 10g and 11g Administrator are set up in certification pathways. Training for these and others from ExamTrace is optional but highly recommended for gaining knowledge and getting the most out of the program. Participants in a pathway do not have to continue on to the highest level of certification, but they always have that option; and, the higher they go, the more freedom and responsibility they will receive in their job role and field of IT.

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    This is true in a lot of fields. Starting at the bottom and working your way up. I like it and it gives feelings of accomplishments to inspire on the way up. Rita Spratlen

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