Cute & Simple Valentine's Treat {Recipe}

Posted by Erin K. | Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Photo cred: The Excellent Wife

You may have seen these treats on Pinterest.  They are quite popular.  Why?  Because they are so tasty and SO simple to make.  They make an adorable Valentine treat or you can switch up the colors and make them for any holiday.

What you need:
-square pretzels
-Hershey's Hugs
-plain M&Ms

How to:
-place Hugs onto pretzels (as many as you want onto a cookie sheet)
-bake for 5 minutes (or less) at 200 degrees
*You want the hugs to be soft and barely melted
-Take out of the oven and press M&Ms into the Hugs
Let cool.

First step

Second step

Finished product :)


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