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Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, January 29, 2014

**The product for this review was provided by Tools4Wisdom. All opinions are my own.

In my younger years, I always considered myself a fairly organized person. That all changed however, once I had children and find myself balancing more and more. I tend to forget commitments we have, goals for the month that have been set, and throw together grocery lists last minute. 

With the new year I've made it my goal to become more organized, especially when it comes to scheduling our family's time/commitments. To do a better job, I need a planner that will help me keep track of everything. That's why I was happy when introduced to Tools4Wisdom offers a wide selection of planners to help meet the needs of those who use them, both long term and short term. These planners are designed to help you make daily choices that are smart. They are not only filled with weekly and monthly planners, but also thought provoking sections to inspire and encourage you as well. 

In looking through the different planners offered, the Mom Planner and its amazing list of features stuck out to me right away! 


  • Thick plastic poly cover
  • 200+premium paper pages
  • Durable spiral binding 
  • Planning pages include: 12 goal settings pages, 12 months weekly planner with 2 page/month goals pages, 2 page/month calendars, 2 pages/week planner journal pages
I could tell this was much more than a typical planner and was excited to learn I was going to have the opportunity to review one!

When the Mom Planner from Tools4Wisdom arrived, I was impressed right away with the size and durability. I love the size, because it's large enough for me to slip important papers and notes into, as well as easy for me read and write in. I have found that some planners are far too small to write much in which doesn't help me much. So this was something I really appreciated.

The durability is also fantastic! I love that it's made to withstand heavy usage and wear and tear! The spiral binding is great feature as well. It keeps all of the pages securely in place, while making it easy for me to access the pages I need to.

Of course, it's what is inside the planner that really impressed me and set this planner above and beyond others I've come across! It includes a ton of pages...everything from 2014 weekly and monthly planning pages, goals sections and even journal pages!!

I love that each monthly calendar is laid out with plenty of room to write notes and goals. There's also helpful questions to keep me on track with my goals and organization at the top of each month. Love it!

As a mom I balance a lot between my schedule, my hubby's schedule and the kids and their activities. It's nice to not only have a planner with a monthly calendar, but one that breaks it down into weekly planners as well!

Each week is laid out with a schedule from 5am-11pm. This makes it easy for me to know exactly when our commitments start and end and which overlap. 

There's also a section on these pages for personal goals, family goals, and daily goals for each family member! It's been great help me get the things done I need to, as well as my husband and the kids. 

One feature I didn't expect, but love is the grocery list and daily meal plan on these weekly planning pages! I have always planned our grocery list last minute and have been needing a push to be more organized with it. I love being able to write down our meal plans for the week, as well as the groceries I need. It not only makes it easier to get supper made and eat out less, but we spend less money because the grocery list is planned out well in advance.  

The goals pages in the front of the planner, and the journal pages in the back are also sections I know will come in very useful as I aim to reach my goals and stick to being more organized in 2014! 

I've been really impressed with the Mom Planner from Tools4Wisdom! The quality is top-notch, and the many features it offers a busy mom who is keeping everyone's schedules straight has been great! It's perfect for mom's balancing many things and something I would highly recommend checking out. It will not only make it easy to track your life, work and school schedule, but also set and measure goals for the whole year ahead day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month!

The Mom Planner, and other Tools4Wisdom Planners can be purchased on Amazon. However, they also have a great website with high-value content as well! When you get a chance, head over and you'll find many features you'll benefit from, including: 
  • Animated planner preview
  • Live recording of part-1 of The Art of Planning webinar
  • Video-Trailer to the next live webinar on February 3rd
  • Link to the Planners by Tools4Wisdom store on
  • Preview access to their library of +77 printable planner downloads! 

Check out the Printable Planner Downloads, Videos, and Webinars at!  You can also connect on Facebook for webinar videos recordings and humor. 


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