3 Types of Families That Should Not Worry About Cooking ~ Guest Post

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, September 14, 2013

Many people today struggle to maintain a healthy diet while balancing an endless to-do list at the same time. Unfortunately, to ensure that everything gets done on time, many people resort to eating junk food, such as fast food, or nothing at all. Fortunately, here are 3 types of families that can truly benefit from professional gourmet meal delivery services:

New Parents

Taking care of a new baby is a stressful time for any parent. Luckily, having gourmet meals delivered can really make new parents' lives easier. In fact, if you know new parents and want to give them a gift, ordering gourmet meals to be delivered to their door is a great way of relieving some stress. Having prepared meals for the new parents is also an excellent way of ensuring that they are well fed and healthy enough to take the best care of their growing family.

To help new parents out with meals, you can often take advantage of “meals for two” deals. For example, as a couple, you can enjoy foods such as:

•    Beef bourguignon
•    Chicken chasseur
•    Lamb feta meatballs
•    Mexican lasagna
•    Fish pot pie

It should be noted that before giving meals as gifts, you need to first discover what the food preferences are. For example, although many options tend to include meat, there are vegetarian meals and sides available as well. It is also recommended to ask about any food allergies beforehand.

Working Parents

To successfully provide for a growing family, both parents are often required to work to keep up with the cost of living. Unfortunately, with two working parents struggling to make ends meet, it can be difficult to prepare nutritious meals on a regular basis. Fortunately, many reputable gourmet meal delivery services provide high quality food specially prepared by professional chefs.

Just some of the food that a family of four can enjoy include:

•    Beef lasagna
•    Smothered chicken
•    Pot roast
•    Turkey meatloaf with a tangy tomato sauce
•    Chicken pot pie

Parents can also benefit from choosing from available kids' menus to help find something that the children will happily eat, such as three cheese macaroni and meat beef sloppy joes.  You can also search for main dishes with sides, desserts and breakfast, soups and sauces, and more, to appeal to the children.


Some seniors may find it more difficult to prepare meals on a regular basis due to a number of reasons. However, with gourmet meal services, seniors do not have to worry about preparing or picking up food. Whether the food is needed to feed larger families or single individuals, there is something right for everyone when browsing different menus.

Examples of single serving meals include:

•    Baked tilapia
•    Honey mustard salmon
•    Shrimp packets
•    Thai coconut chicken
•    Lean beef meatloaf and mushroom gravy

Since gourmet meals are professionally prepared and delivered to your home, they are great for ensuring that any family is happy and healthy.

Jasmine Walters is a family therapist. She frequently shares her tips for how families can live healthier and happier on consumer websites.


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