Joovy ScooterX2 Double Stroller ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, August 29, 2013

*The product for this review was provided by Joovy. However, all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. 

Even though school has officially started, we are soaking up every day of warmth that we can. Aside from our usual playing outdoors and taking walks, we also fit in a trip to the zoo this month, which was a lot of fun! Last summer when we went, all three kids were in a stroller. However, Kaelyn is getting older and prefers to walk most places we go now. The boys however, still get tired and need to ride when we're going somewhere all day like the zoo. I knew we'd need a comfortable, easy-to-maneuver double stroller...and Joovy has the perfect option!
I love Joovy products and am proud to be a Joovy Mom. This U.S. based company manufactures premium family gear with a goal to create high quality, useful, attractive and fun products that make life easier for busy parents. We have had the opportunity to review a few of Joovy products over the past couple of years and always find the quality, design and ease of use to be top-notch!

We were sent the Joovy ScooterX2 Orangie double stroller to review. 

  • Huge Joovy Canopy with retractable sun visor 
  • Super durable 600D Fabric 
  • Five point harness
  • Independent, Fully Adjustable, Deep Reclining Seats
  • Flat Fold Easy, one hand flat fold.
  • Cup Holders
  • Two zippered pockets and large storage basket
  • Linked Brakes 
When our Joovy ScooterX2 arrived, I was excited to check it out. Out of the box I found that there was little assembly. In no time at all I had the stroller put together and ready to use. 

Right away I LOVED the orange color! It's fun, and bright enough that I knew I wouldn't need to look far to spot my husband at the zoo if he was the one pushing the kids. 

I could also tell that the fabric is high quality and something that will be easy to clean. Having used it several times, I am confident it will hold up well and last us a very long time. 

I also love the sleek, modern design! After checking it over, we couldn't wait to test it out! One of the first places we used it was our trip to the zoo. I wanted to take a double stroller where both seats were side by side so there would be no arguing who would sit in the front, or who couldn't see from the back seat. This worked out perfectly!

Not only could both boys see everything well, but the stroller was extremely easy to maneuver. The wheels have sealed bearings so pushing two kids around is much easier than I had expected. The double front wheels also make it extremely stable. Overall it's a nice, lightweight size. Even though it's a double stroller, it didn't feel like it with how easy it was to push and the fact that it could get through any door we went through. At just 30 inches it's a very nice width, not too big, yet not too small where the kids are uncomfortable. Love it!

Speaking of comfortable, the kids loved the ride! Each seat is independent, fully adjustable and deep reclining. They're spacious and have a one-hand recline system that locks in infinite positions all the way down to 149º for a near flat napping position. I love that they are such comfortable seats to begin with, and then on top of it to have each of them recline separately is really nice! While we were at the zoo, Caysen was getting sleepy, so we reclined his seat back so he could rest, while Kaden sat up and continued to enjoy all of the animals and fun. 

The ScooterX2 also includes Joovy's signature oversized canopy which worked out well for us the day we went to the zoo. It was a hot day and the canopy helped to keep the boys cool and shaded from the sun. I appreciated the viewing window so I could see them even when the canopy was down.
Along with the canopies helping to keep them cool, the boys were also able to keep their drinks close to them so they could stay hydrated throughout the day. There is a mesh pocket in each seat which is where we kept their cups. It worked out great!

There's also two cup holders for parents along the back side of the stroller which I love! Not many strollers have a way to accommodate drinks for parents so this was a nice feature to have! 

When it comes to a stroller, storage is also important! Thankfully, the ScooterX2 did not disappoint in this area either! There is a large basket - bigger than any stroller basket on the market! It is giant and wonderful for parents who are carrying jackets, diaper bags, etc. We have found it to be easily accessible, and even when we're shopping we have room for our personal items as well as our shopping bags.
There's even two zippered pockets for phones, wallets, snacks, etc. We kept our money and cell phones in these pockets. That way they were safe and secure, while still easy to access when we needed them.
The Joovy ScooterX2 really does have everything I could want in a double stroller. The only thing that I was left wondering, is just how easy it would be to fold. Afterall, it is a double stroller and I couldn't help but wonder if it would be more difficult or bulky once folded. Thankfully, my concerns were put to rest after I saw just how easy it is! It has an easy one hand flat fold! Not only that, but it folds down to 30" wide x 37" long x 17" high which is a very nice size.
We've really enjoyed the Joovy ScooterX2 and all it has to offer parents with more than one child. The quality is fantastic, it's easy to maneuver, and makes life easier with the reclining seats, large canopies, impressive storage and more! Joovy says it best on their website... "The ScooterX2 gives you the features you demand, the fashion you expect and the quality Joovy is known for - all at a reasonable price".

You can learn more about the ScooterX2 and other products from Joovy at You can also connect with Joovy on Twitter and Facebook.
Buy It: You can purchase the Joovy Scooter X2 for $229.99 in three different colors.

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    Wow!Its for 2 kids.Stroller looking very durable and strong.Wonderful gift for kids.

  2. Maria Iemma August 30, 2013 at 9:54 AM  

    I wish I had a stroller like this one when my kids were smaller. My boy and girl are 15 months apart and it was a struggle taking them out.

  3. ALee September 2, 2013 at 10:59 PM  

    I love the color!

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