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Special thanks to Publisher's Clearing House for Sponsoring today's discussion. 

When we became parents, my husband and I began discussing the futures of our children. Along with wanting to leave behind legacies and family traditions for our children, we also hope to leave them with financial security to help make life a little less stressful. 

Publisher's Clearing House wants to help give someone financial security too! The distinguishable name in sweepstakes has created a legacy of their own! They guarantee in this year's sweepstakes to pick one person to win their "Forever" prize in their Win $5,000 a Week Forever online sweepstakes this August. The winner of the "Forever" prize will even have the opportunity to choose an inheritor of the prize once they pass for that person's lifetime! 
They have already awarded one $5,000 a Week Forever prize last year, and it's guaranteed to be awarded again, this August. How exciting! As a parent, I thought this sweepstakes from Publisher's Clearing House sounds great! It's exciting to think that someone will win, and then bless a family member or friend for their lifetime as well once they pass! 
Growing up I remember hearing about Publisher's Clearing House from family members, as well as seeing their contests on television. I have not seen their advertisements recently, but remember the ones I saw as a child very well. Although I've had family members who have participated in past sweepstakes, I've never participated in any Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes up to this point. I am however, thinking the Win $5,000 a Week Forever Sweepstakes sounds like a good one for me to check out!

How neat it would be to win the "Forever" Prize. It's fun to think about how I would use the money if I were the winner of the contest. I would be sure to give to my church first, and then would want to share with my family as well! Much of it would also be used to pay off debt and of course, be put away for my children and their futures as well. 

You can learn more about the Win $5,000 A Week Forever Sweepstakes by visiting the sweepstakes home page.


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