5 Tips for Enjoying A Good Book in Your Bubble Bath ~ Guest Post

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, June 06, 2013

Some people can’t relax without a good book or compelling article to read during those moments when there’s nothing else to occupy your attention — and taking a bath is one of those moments. However, there’s the risk of damaging your books by dropping them into the water or simply by the condensation in the air. Be careful how you read in the bathroom and continue to enjoy your books and magazines without worrying about water damage.

Store Them Wisely

Store books and magazines in easy reach in a vanity cupboard in the bathroom. You can store them on a shelf or in a magazine rack; however, if you have these reading materials exposed to the open air in the bathroom, they’re exposed to condensation and floating particles whenever someone is bathing or using the toilet. A cupboard under the sink or behind the mirror that closes, and is out of the way, is best for storing books and magazines.
Alternatively, bring reading materials into the bathroom whenever you need them. While this reduces water-damage exposure, especially if you don’t read every time you enter the bathroom anyway, you might forget to bring your book or magazine, and you won’t realize until you’re occupied. Keep them in a basket outside the bathroom door and grab it as you enter.

Choose Them Wisely

You’re unlikely to read books or magazines in the bathroom and see no water damage, especially if you leave them in there while people shower, or if you read in the bath. Pages crinkle from condensation. Germs fly around the room. Never bring in borrowed books — including library books — or books of high value. Pick up cheap books that you can use for bathroom reading from sources like:
·       Used bookstores
·       Thrift stores
·       Estate or rummage sales
·       Library book swaps or sales
·       The discount section at a local bookstore
Ask libraries and offices with waiting rooms if they’d be willing to give you magazines that are a few months out of date. When you’re done with water-damaged books or magazines, recycle them.

Pick Light Books

While searching for cheap books to read guilt free in the bathroom, there’s more than subject matter to consider. You also need to be wary of book size. Choose lightweight books like small trade paperbacks. The heavier and larger the book, the more unwieldy it is and the more likely you are to drop it into a bathtub full of water or onto the floor.

Sit Up

When reading in the bathtub, you may feel like slinking down and emerging yourself up to the neck to get full-body relaxation. However, not only is this bad posture and might cause a sore back or neck, it also puts your reading material dangerously close to the water. Sit up when you read in the bathtub. Use a bath neck or back support pillow against the tub and the wall. You can invest in a removable tray to place across the tub on which you keep your book or magazine out of the water.

Protect Your E-Reader

Don’t bring an e-reader into the bathroom if you can help it — that’s what the used books are for. However, if you only use your e-reader or you’re hooked on a book you only have in digital form, bring it into the bathroom in a sealed clear plastic storage bag to avoid water damage. Be sure there are no holes and push out excess air before you seal it. Pat the bag dry before you remove the e-reader after your bath.
Don’t let fear of water damage keep you from reading in the bathroom. It’s a place to relax and unwind, not to add further worries to the day. If you want to read, follow these few simple tips to reduce water-damage and enhance what’s meant to be a peaceful experience.  
About the Author: Michelle Patterson is a contributing writer and do-it-yourself blogger. She loves few things more than reading in the bathtub and she’s learned to stop stressing over water damage to books.

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