SwimWays Swim Steps Products ~ Our Swimming Goals this Summer!

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, May 02, 2013

**As a SwimWays Swim Steps Ambassador, I received a variety of products to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

We've had a very long, cold winter that seems to be hanging around much longer than any of us would like. And although 6 months of snow is not my idea of fun, it sure makes me appreciate every warm and sunny day we get here in the midwest. That's why I can't wait for summer!

The kids and I spend most of our summer days outside playing and running around. Last summer we bought a large above ground pool and I am looking forward to being able to set it up and give the kids more time in the pool. Our hope is that our older two will become more comfortable in the water and will learn to swim this summer. Thanks to SwimWays, I am even more confident that will happen now!

If you're not familiar with SwimWays, they have been the leading manufacturer of pool toys, games and floats for over 40 years! They have introduced the Swim Steps program as a way for parents to teach their children one of life's most important skills - how to swim. Through an easy to follow, three stage program, SwimSteps products help children develop swimming skills and gain confidence in the water.

I am so thankful to my parents for giving my brothers and I the experiences necessary to learn how to swim when we are young. It is a skill that I think is very important and one I want to provide my kids as well. That's why I was very excited when contacted by SwimWays and invited to be a part of the 2013 Swimways Swim Steps Swim Team. As a Swim Steps Ambassador, I will be receiving some of the most popular products from Swim Steps for my children to use as they embark on the journey of learning how to swim. I will also have the opportunity to share tips with you about helping your children learn to swim, exciting brand news and more!

To start the summer off, SwimWays sent us several Swim Steps products so we are ready for pool weather once it arrives. My kids (who can't wait to hit the pool in the coming months) were SO excited to see the swimming products we received.
Caysen is currently in Step 1- Water Introduction. Before he can learn to swim, he needs to feel more comfortable in the water. The Swim Step 1 products are designed to help babies relax and enjoy the water introduction experience. He was exposed to the water last summer just a couple of times, but this summer I'm really hoping to get him more comfortable so he doesn't cry every time we get him in the water.
One item we received for him that I think will be great, is the Baby Spring Float. It is designed for children ages 9-24 months and allows them to relax in the water. It features a mesh play space perfect for playing with toys and splashing, dual inflation chambers and a low seat for enhanced security. I'm looking forward to using this at home, but also being able to take it to the lake since it folds up into a handy carry and storage bag for travel!

Kaden is in Step 2 - Water Exploration. Swim Step 2 products help to give kids freedom of motion to develop confidence in the water, while supporting them as they learn to balance and paddle. Kaden enjoys the water, but his confidence is something I'd like to work on this summer so he's more comfortable with learning to swim. I think both the Swim Sweater and Swim Vest will be great for him as we begin this journey.
The Swim Sweater by SwimWays helps kids explore and gain confidence in the water. It offers a stable, circular torso design that rides high on a child's chest for extra stability while allowing them to practice their swim skills like balancing, kicking and paddling.
The Swim Vest is also going to be great for him, as it features sturdy foam inserts that allow for balanced flotation. It will give him the safety and stability he needs, while still allowing him to practice his swimming skills in the water without having to be afraid that he'll go under.

Kaelyn is in Step 3 - Swim Training. She is becoming more and more confident in the water, but still needs a little time to work on the skills needed. The step 3 products give kids the tools needed to feel empowered in the water. I'm especially excited about the Power Swimr System. This will help her learn to swim at her own pace and advances with a child's swimming level building confidence and skill along the way. She's extremely excited to try it out once the weather warms up!
The other step 3 product we received is the Sea Squirts Swim Assist. This has a fin which both she and my 3 year old think is neat. This vest includes Buoyancy Technology, which helps children to achieve correct swim positioning. Isn't that great?! That's exactly what I'm hoping she can work on this summer, and I know this product will help.
She was excited to try it on :)
I am super excited to be a SwimWays Swim Steps Ambassador and have the opportunity to not only test out these products and help my kids through this journey of learning how to swim...but also the opportunity I'll have to share with you about our experiences and tips as well! I'm feeling ready and confident and am now just waiting for warm weather so we can get started!!

You can learn more about SwimWays and their Swim Steps products on their website, here. Also be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter as well!

  1. Courtney B May 3, 2013 at 12:14 AM  

    so important to teach your kids how to swim!:) my baby is 2 and i wanna teach her soon

  2. evilredcaboose May 5, 2013 at 10:45 PM  

    What a way to get your kids introduced to water and swimming! How does a parent know when the child moves on?

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