Everyone would benefit from more space and room to decorate. People today are in love with design, but sometimes it's difficult to remember that less is more. Here are some tips for budding designers and homeowners alike.

De-Clutter the Public Spaces 

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Less is always more when it comes to avoiding clutter. That's why people should follow these tips on de-cluttering their homes:

Add Shelving

Shelves can disappear into the wall if they are the same color. Subtle shelves are a great way to move your knickknacks from the coffee table to the walls. Remember to dust all of your shelves and items frequently, though, or they will give
a musty smell and a dusty appearance.

Choose Storage Furniture

Storage furniture is a great place to tuck away your blankets, shoes, and magazines. Most storage furniture has been designed with space in mind, so it's usually modern and sleek, taking up as little space as possible. From benches with drawers to chaise sofas with hidden compartments, storage furniture can make life a little less cluttered. If you find that you are still running out of space, however, consider visiting US Storage Search for more advice on how to consolidate your clutter.

Donate Goods

Get rid of all goods that you don't actually need. Even your decorations should be used sparingly, as they add to clutter, too. Check your closets, garage and shed for items that can go: needy families would be glad to have your second mower, old laptop, and fourteen pairs of unworn shoes.

Daily Cleaning

Each day set a timer to 30 minutes and clean like the wind. Move as quickly as you can sorting, putting things away, and throwing out things you don't need. If you do this each day, soon your home will be immaculate and charming.

Trick the Eye With Style

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There are a few visual tricks that you can use to make your home feel more spacious, too. Here are the easiest to employ:

Lighten Up

Use ample lighting for your home. From the closets to the bathrooms, install extra lamps, better bulbs, and also clean your light fixtures. The brightness of the light will make the space feel cleaner and more open.

Brighten Up

Bright paintings are charming for the eyes. They make a space feel fresh, clean, and airy. Bright colors like turquoise, yellow, and lime are all used by designers to make places feel beachy and light. Together with ample lighting a bright paint job will make a room feel positively radiant.

Finish a Room, Then Remove Something

When you have finished decorating a room, remove some of the decorations. People tend to over decorate. Sometimes when you come home from vacation you might see your home differently than when you have been living there daily for years. Try to see the decoration clutter others would notice immediately.

When it comes to style in fashion and at home less is often more. Achieve this mantra by removing clutter, keeping your home tidy, and trying to see your spaces the way visitors see them.

  1. Sandy VanHoey May 9, 2013 at 7:16 PM  

    We have a couple rooms that really need to brighter lighting...appreciate the tips

  2. Nedaa Almier May 10, 2013 at 1:43 AM  

    Thanks for the tips, with children the apartment is always full of clutter :(

  3. Jen F May 11, 2013 at 9:03 PM  

    Great tips. I always find myself amid clutter!

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