Families with tighter budgets can still enjoy California. Here are some of the best attractions and activities for people visiting California.

Visiting Beautiful Beaches

California's coast is lined with gorgeous sandy beaches. These beaches are crisp and clean, as well as unique. Nowhere else in the world can you see so many dolphins, such a wide array of landscapes, and so many different kinds of people in one setting. From nighttime campfires to daytime surfing, California is a great choice for beach retreats.

Strolling Through Fabulous Shopping Centers

The shopping centers in California are so splendid that many people consider them attractions, too. Fashion Island is particularly gorgeous, encompassing world-class shopping and labels most people only hear about on TV. From Versace to Gucci, Prada to Louis Vuitton, fashion bugs can see and touch all of the things their favorite celebrities own.

Exploring World-Class Museums

Many of the museums in California are free on certain days, or always. Families with budgets can get family discounts or reduced rates for their children. There are so many great museums in California for families to visit that they could pick any topic and find a museum that covers that subject matter.

From World War II to native history, California museums cover every topic. You could learn about the Holocaust one afternoon, and then study the history of jelly beans the next day.

Photographing the Natural Beauty of California

The gorgeous sandy beaches of California aren't the only photography-friendly landscapes in this state. While visiting California you could photograph the mountains and vineyards, the excellent architecture of the big cities, and the deserts of Southern California, too.

Don't be surprised if your photographs require some manipulation, though: the colors in California are much brighter and more saturated than other places, so your camera might not read them correctly.

Experiencing a Pro Baseball Game

Via Flickr by Keith Allison

It's not every state or city that has a professional baseball team in the United States. When you visit a place like California you can finally see a professional baseball game up close and personal. Los Angeles Angels Tickets are affordable and easy to find for families hoping to see a game. Children of all ages will enjoy the park, which is designed to entertain kids and adults.

Browse the cool sports shops on site while you wait for the National Anthem to be sung, or grab a delicious hot dog. Baseball games are a unique experience for families.

Bike Riding Across Boardwalks

The boardwalks of California are old-fashioned and cool. They are great for photography and strolling, but they're even better for bike riding. Experience the crisp, cool air of California as you ride along the boardwalk with your family. Stop and enjoy some cotton candy before you ride away at night.

When you visit California you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars per person. Experience the natural attractions of California. Get your camera and bicycle out and see what the state has to offer in its glorious public spaces.

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    I've never been to California but would love to go:) Maybe someday!

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