Last time I was pregnant, which was also the first time, I spent almost no money at all on maternity clothes.  I got a bunch of very worn hand-me-downs and bought one shirt and one pair of jeans that lasted me almost until the very end.  Mostly, I wore my pre-pregnancy clothes until I couldn't squeeze into them anymore.

I didn't see the point in throwing away money on clothes that would only fit me for a short amount of time, especially when I was already stressed out about all the other baby essentials I was going to have to buy.  I'm big on planning ahead so instead of maternity clothes I was already buying a pack 'n play.

However, next time around I plan on doing things a little differently.  After going through it once, I see the benefit of having cute clothes that fit my changing body well.  Throughout most of my pregnancy I was pretty uncomfortable and on top of that I felt like my non-maternity clothes hugged my body in strange ways and felt awkward.  It's not good to feel awkward when you're pregnant, you want to feel confident and strong.

Pink Blush Maternity is a company that understands the way moms and moms-to-be think about these things so they've developed a line of trendy and affordable maternity clothing.  They sell basic tees along with tunics, blouses and everything from cardigans with trendy prints to cute skirts and vibrant dresses.  They also offer a wide variety of styles using unique fabrics at a great price.

I chose to try the Aqua Tribal Print Maternity Blouse because I thought it would be something I could wear now without being pregnant, as well as when I am.  I loved the fun, trendy tribal print and the spring colors.

When the shirt first arrived, my first thought was that the coloring looked slightly different from the picture on the website, but it was still really cute and I loved it.  Next I noticed that the material felt so nice!  It was soft and seemed like it was very high quality material and well made.  

This picture is kind of a joke, but the blouse felt so breathable and light, I could definitely see myself feeling very comfortable and fashionable in this top on a warm pregnant day, with my hair blowing in the wind.  

I used my hand to somewhat simulate what I might look like in this shirt once I was pregnant (plus about twenty more pounds allocated to various places of my body).  Because of the way the material fell and the unique style of the arm cutouts, I think this will be a great maternity shirt when the time comes.  

The other day when I was wearing this blouse, my friend complimented me on it.  When I told her it was a maternity blouse, she didn't believe me at first.  She said that maternity clothes were usually so boring and basic, but that this looked like I had bought it in a boutique downtown.  Score!

You can check out this blouse and lots of the other trendy maternity clothes at Pink Blush Maternity's website.  

You can also connect with Pink Blush Maternity on Facebook and Pinterest.

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**I received the Pink Blush Maternity blouse to facilitate this review, however all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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