Kaelyn began preschool this year, which has been a lot of fun for her! Unfortunately, it has also meant being exposed to a lot of sickness over the past few months too...after all, it is cough and cold season! We have dealt with our fair share of coughs and colds this winter and even the slightest sneeze or sniffle from my kids always elicits sympathy from me. I just hate seeing them feel so miserable.

As a parent it's important to me to strive to do everything I can to keep my kids healthy, while also choosing a remedy made from ingredients I trust when they aren't feeling so well. I often prefer the "less is more" approach, as I look for remedies that are as natural as possible. Unfortunately, it's not always easy finding a medication that fits that idea...as there are so many on the market to choose from and it can become quite confusing. That's why I was happy to learn more about Little Remedies products.

Little Remedies was started by a concerned parent who was also a pharmacist looking for a more natural way to treat children. What I love about this company, is that they aim to effectively treat a child with as few ingredients as possible! With products made for children ages newborn to 11, Little Remedies for Fevers helps relieve fevers, Little Remedies For Noses helps relieve stuffy noses, and Little Remedies for Colds helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. Not only that, but it does so as naturally as possible without sacrificing efficacy.

Having learned more about Little Remedies, I appreciate that they also believe in the "less is more" approach to treating fevers, colds, etc and would feel good knowing their products contain only the necessary ingredients to provide fast, safe and effective relief for my child. Knowing their free of alcohol, artificial dyes/colors, no saccharin, or harmful preservatives helps to give me peace of mind that this is a product I would feel comfortable giving my children if necessary, and plan to try the next time we need it.
We do use OTC medicine in our household from time to time, but I also like to try at-home remedies as well. Using a humidifier for colds and coughs is one example, as well as giving honey which seems to help too.

Of course, aside from treating sickness, it's also important to do what we can to prevent the cold and flu. It's impossible to prevent it 100% of the time, but I do believe that there are things we can do to help. Our family makes sure to take vitamins that help boost our immune systems. We also make sure to wash our hands frequently and steer clear of sharing food and drink with each other this time of year especially. I also usually have antibacterial wipes with me wherever we go to wipe down shopping cart handles, etc.

Even though we do all of these things to stay healthy, the cold and flu does strike from time to time. We have dealt with colds and stomach bugs this winter and would have loved to know about Little Remedies at the time. I will definitely keep it in mind the next time my kids are sick.

A couple of the products I'm most interested in trying out from Little Remedies are the Honey Elixir and Acetaminophen products.

Little Remedies® For Colds™ Honey Elixir is a natural alternative to traditional cough
syrup products. Honey Elixir is made with great tasting honey to soothe coughs and
sore throats naturally. The product is said to be safe for toddlers 12 months or older, includes
no artificial flavors or colors, no saccharin, alcohol, dyes or gluten. It temporarily helps to soothe coughs and sore throats due to the common cold or flu.
Little Remedies® For Fevers™ Infant Fever/Pain Reliever is one of the only brand name fever reducers for infants that is currently on the market. Caregivers can trust that it will reduce fevers and relieve minor aches and pains all with no artificial flavors or colors; no alcohol, saccharin or gluten. It helps to temporarily reduce fever and minor aches and pains due to common cold, flu,
headache, sore throat and toothache.

Little Remedies offers a full line of products which you can learn more about at www.littleremedies.com.You can also connect with them on Facebook.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Little Remedies. I received product samples as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

  1. jacki1882 March 16, 2013 at 1:03 AM  

    I love this brand. Have always used it for my little ones!

  2. rj7777 March 17, 2013 at 10:04 PM  

    I am glad to see there isn't alcohol in them. I always wondered why they had to make them the way they did; some of the other brands I mean. Thanks these would be great for grandson who is 2. Rita Spratlen rjspratlen@gmail.com

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