EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Monday, March 04, 2013

At the close of 2012, I made it my goal to start eating healthier and lose a bit of weight. Although I was not considered overweight, I knew I could make healthier choices and feel better. I began eating smaller portions and cutting back on "junk" foods I was eating way too much of. Just those simple changes have made a huge difference! I have been losing weight and feel better than I have in years. Thankfully, the EatSmart Precision Tracker has been there to help encourage me every step of the way!

If you read here often, you know that I am a big fan of EatSmart products! I am always impressed with the quality, as well as the innovative design and functions of each. For those who aren't familiar, here is a little bit of info about them:

Focused on manufacturing, designing and distributing bathroom and kitchen scales of superior design and accuracy, EatSmart Products offers a variety of reasonably priced products to choose from. With everything from digital bathroom scales to large and small kitchen scales, there's sure to be something that suits your needs perfectly.

I was excited to learn more about the newest bathroom scale from EatSmart, and that I was going to have the opportunity to review one. We were sent the EatSmart Precision Tracker.
  • Measuring Functions: Short Term and Long Term Weight Tracking Capabilities
  • Proprietary Automatic User Identification Technology; Stores personal data for up to 8 users
  • EatSmart "Step-On" Technology - Get instant readings
  • Large, 3.5" LCD display with white backlight - Easy to read.
  • 4 High Precision Sensors - Consistent and accurate measurement
  • Measurement Modes: Pounds / Kilos
  • Graduation Increments of .2 lbs. / .1kg
  • Ultra thin, sleek design with high quality tempered glass platform
  • Max Weight: 400 lbs / 180 kgs
  • Auto Calibrated; Includes 4 AAA batteries
When the Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale arrived, I couldn't wait to check it out. Out of the box, I found that it comes with 4 AAA batteries which I really appreciated! This let me start using it right away.
As with the other bathroom scale I've reviewed from EatSmart in the past, I was impressed with the sleek, slim and modern design. I love the colors, as well as how slim it is. It goes well with the decor in our master bathroom and looks great sitting out. We've received several compliments on it from people who have visited.
Of course, aside from the appearance, I was also curious as to how well the scale would work and excited to check out its unique features.

I found the user-friendly manual included to be very helpful in getting the bathroom scale all set up and ready to use. After placing the batteries in the scale, I selected the unit (lbs or kg). I then put myself in as "User 1" which couldn't have been easier.

I then set my daughter as "User 2" to use as an example in the following video. To set a user, I simply had to pushed the "SET" button, touched the arrow key until I go to the desired user and pushed the set button to confirm it.

As you'll see in the video, once I had the user set, she got on the scale where it showed her weight on the display screen. The following time she got on the scale, it recognized that she was "User 2" (which is awesome!) and showed her current weight and last weight results! How neat is that?!

I absolutely love how easy the EatSmart Precision Tracker makes it for people use as a tool in weight management. It gives me the ability to track my weight over time just like I showed with my daughter on the video. After each use, the scale displays three readings: the current weight, the weight change from the last weigh in, and total change from the starting weight. It's been such an encouragement to me as I was trying to lose some weight. I have appreciated the graduation Increments of .2 lbs, so that even the slightest weight loss makes me feel like I've been successful.

I have absolutely loved this scale so far, and use it frequently! It's tracks my progress and helps to keep me motivated! It's extremely user-friendly, accurate and unique. I would definitely recommend the EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale to anyone looking for a great way to help with weight management.

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**The product for this review was provided by EatSmart. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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    I would love to have one of these. I like all of its features. So neat what they can do these days in a bathroom scale. Great review. Rita Spratlen

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