Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One of my favorite snacks is popcorn. Whether it's salted, buttered, or mixed with M&Ms, it's something you'll almost always be able to find in our house. I enjoy changing it up a bit from time to time, which is why I was happy to learn more about Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning.

Brian Taylor, student from University Michigan, loved making popcorn and creating personal spice blends to toss into it. Friends and fellow students loved it and came asking for more, which is when he contacted a team of flavor experts to help perfect the seasonings.  In February 1999, Brian found a note on his doorstep to meet Kernel Season's himself! Kernel Season's made it clear that he wanted him as a partner to help rid the world of naked popcorn, and the rest is history!

 Kernel Season's seasonings offers 20 unique flavors that are great for popcorn and more! I was excited when given the opportunity to review a few of them and share about our thoughts. We were sent the following seasonings: Bacon Cheddar, Milk Chocolate Caramel, and Parmesan & Garlic.

I was looking forward to trying the seasonings on popcorn of course, but also other things as well. The first chance I got, I popped some popcorn and tried the bacon cheddar seasoning. I was pleasantly surprised just how tasty it is...and love the fact that it is made with real cheese! It's also 100% natural (like the other seasonings) and added great flavor to the popcorn too. My hubby was equally as impressed. It would also be fantastic on veggies, potatoes, pasta, etc!

The Parmesan Garlic is another seasoning that I really like! It is also made with real cheese and has excellent flavor. It's amazing what a difference these different seasonings can make when it comes to my night time snack! I love trying the different flavors.
I also like this on pasta and think it would taste delicious on salad, soup, and pizza too!

When the kids spotted my Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning, they were drawn to the Milk Chocolate Caramel! Who could blame them?! They love popcorn as much as I do and really liked this on their snack. They've also tried it on their ice cream, cereal, and toast as well! I wouldn't mind trying it in my coffee too...yum!

We have been really happy with our popcorn seasonings and would love to try some of the other flavors as well! I appreciate how yummy they are, as well as the fact that they are all natural, gluten free and low in calories! The Kernel Season's website offers recipes on their site for each of the flavors, so I know we will be trying these on many other things as well!

Kernel Season's seasonings are great on popcorn, but can be used on so many other things as well. So, whether you're a popcorn lover like me or not, you'll definitely want to head over to the Kernel Season's website and look through their awesome line-up of delicious flavors! There's something for every taste!

Kernel Season's can be found at Kernel Season's online, mass retailers, and many theaters...retailing for $3.99 each.

You can connect with Kernel Season's on Facebook

**Kernel Season's sent me three seasonings to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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