Organize Your Purses, Scarves and More: Pursenal Butler Review

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to become better organized. With three little ones and the demands of daily life...I am still learning to balance it all. In the midst of our busy schedules, I find that our house becomes cluttered rather easily. That's why I try to find ways to make staying organized easier. For instance, the built-in locker/cubbies my hubby made for the kids this past summer. It is the perfect place for their jackets, shoes, school bags, etc. I have been telling him we need something like that for all of our things, especially when it comes to my accessories like scarves and purses!

Just as I began thinking how I could better organize my things, I was introduced to a great new product called the Pursenal Butler.

Pursenal Butler is a chic adjustable purse stand that organizes and holds up to 12 purses/100lbs! It is made out of wrought iron and steel and comes in 5 different colors!

Wow, why didn't I think of something like this?! Having a stylish piece that can sit out in a room (or even in a closet) and organize all of my purses...a must-have for any woman in my opinion! That's why I was thrilled when asked if I'd like to review one.

As I said, it is offered in a variety of great colors including: Brown, Silver, Pink, Black and Antique. Given the decor of our bedroom (which is where I wanted it to be), I decided to go with the Antique white color and am really happy I did!
When the Pursenal Butler arrived, I was really happy with the Antique color. It goes perfectly with our room and the decor in there. I also was immediately impressed with the high quality! Made of wrought iron and steel, it is very durable and something I can tell will hold up well.

I love that it's adjustable so you can have it at a height that works for you. I also appreciate that there are three different "arms" to hold several bags at once. It works great for holding my purses, but is definitely more than just a purse hook! It can easily be used to hang scarves, hats, or just about anything else! It keeps everything very well organized, germ free and off the floors, counters and other work spaces.

Whether I'm using it in the bedroom, mud room, or by the front only 6 lbs it's easy to move when I need to.
Having used it, I can see why any home would benefit from having one. Not only that, but businesses too! Places like spas, salons, restaurants, offices and even restrooms would be great places for a Pursenal Butler in my opinion.

The Pursenal Butler has been great for storing, displaying and organizing purses, but it's also been a wonderful way to keep my purses off of the countertop too. Something I knew, but learned more about on the Pursenal Butler website are the following statistics:
  • 5% of purses tested positive for E-coli, Salmonella and bacteria that can cause hepatitis
  • 50% of purses tested positive for fecal contamination and coliform bacteria which indicates the presence of human or animal waste
  • 100% of purses tested positive for some form of germs/bacteria and some purses were saturated with tens of thousands of bacteria
  • Purses are becoming subways for the transfer of micro-organisms and germs from one location to another
I know how important it is to keep germs at bay to keep my family healthy (especially this time of year which is why I love solutions that this that make that easier since I don't have to keep my purses right on our kitchen counter anymore. Not only that, but it's just another reason why this product would be so useful in business settings as well!

I have been very happy with the Pursenal Butler. The quality is fantastic and it makes organizing my handbags and scarves easy! I would definitely recommend checking out their site at Also be sure to connect with them on Facebook.

Buy It: You can purchase the Pursenal Butler for $69.99 at

*I was provided the product mentioned to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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