No matter the time of year or whether we're stuck indoors or not, my kids love to stay active. I think it's great and am always looking for products and ways to help encourage active play as much as I can. That's why I am thankful for Prince Lionheart and their Whirl Balance Scooter!

If you've been a follower here for a while, you probably are familiar with this family-owned and operated business. Operating upon three core beliefs, Prince Lionheart is dedicated to quality, innovation and outstanding service. Although times have changed over the years...their commitment to these beliefs remain the same. I think this is great and appreciate their selection of feeding, nursery, safety and play items.

We've owned several Prince Lionheart products over the years and have always been impressed with their high quality, innovative products. That's why I was excited o learn more about the Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance Scooter and that we were going to have the opportunity to review it. 
• Teaches young children balance, steering and coordination.
• Great transition from ride on toys to pedal bicycle.
• 100% birch wood frame from ethically harvested forests.
• Height adjustable, padded seat.
• Solid rubber handgrips.
• 12” rubber air filled tires – FSC certified.
• Matching balanceBIKE Stand available and sold separately.
• Recommended for children 75 lbs or under.
• For children ages 2-5

When the Whirl Balance Scooter arrived, I was happy to find that there was little assembly required. This was much appreciated as I had a very anxious 3 year old and 5 year old waiting to test it out.
In no time at all we had the wheel and handle bars in place and the scooter ready to use. Once it was all put together I was also impressed with the quality. Once again, Prince Lionheart did not disappoint! The quality of this scooter is outstanding! Made of 100% birch wood, it's durable and something I can tell will last a long time. This is great, as I know there will be many years of fun to be had between the three kids on this Balance Scooter!
Kaden and Kaelyn both love to ride the Whirl Balance Scooter! I've found it to be a great transition from ride on toys to a pedal bicycle - making it especially useful for Kaden as he builds up his confidence in riding a bike. It's been great for teaching my young kids better balance, coordination and steering. As they get used to it more and more, it's been fun to see their confidence grow!

A couple of the features that I have found especially nice are the height adjustable padded seat and solid rubber handle grips. The adjustable seat is nice, because Kaden and Kaelyn are at varying heights right now. To get the best fit for each of them, I appreciate that the seat can be adjusted to each one of them.

The solid rubber handle grips are also nice, as they give them a great grip when riding. Their hands don't slip around at all. It aids in giving them better steering control as well.
Overall we've been really happy with Prince Lionheart's Whirl Balance Scooter! It's been great in helping teach the kids better balance, which is a crucial skill necessary before transitioning to a two-wheeled pedal bicycle. As time goes on I know their sense of independence and self-confidence will continue to grow as they learn to balance and steer better at their own pace. First they walk, then glide, then balance! I'm really looking forward to being able to use it more outside once the weather warms up a bit again.

If you're still looking for a fabulous gift idea for a preschooler on your list this year, I would definitely recommend the Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance Scooter!

Buy It: You can purchase the Prince Lionheart Whirl Balance SCOOTER for $110.

Win It: One lucky reader is going to win a Whirl Balance Scooter from Prince Lionheart! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. If you don't see the form, click here.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to US only and will end 12/21

**The products for this review and giveaway were provided for free, however all opinions are my own.

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