Glad Black Bags ~ Helping to make clean-up quick and easy!

Posted by Jenna | Monday, November 19, 2012

With three little ones, I feel like much of my day is spent cleaning up after my kids. Between the art projects we do, mealtime messes, etc...I always face the task of picking up messes. Thankfully, there's Glad Bags to help!

Glad Bags help make even the largest of household messes more manageable. From yard work to cleaning out the clutter in our home...Glad Bags prove the ideal companion in tackling any clean-up we're doing. We turn to these garbage bags often for messes large and small, which is why I was excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review Glad Black Bags.

After testing them out with many of our messes...garage clean-up, bagging up leaves, and the many birthday party messes we've had over the past several weeks...we have found that they hold up great and hold a lot too!

One of the "Wild and Crazy" big messes we've encountered most recently is the aftermath of my son's first birthday party. We had lots of family at our home, and between all of the wrapping paper/boxes and paper plates/silverware...we had a big mess to clean up. The following is a picture of the gift area and the mess we were left with. The great part is, all of this fit into a couple of Glad Bags easily and it made clean-up a lot faster and easier. 

As I said, we have many messes around our house that we're constantly picking up. Something I've learned is that if I keep up with the mess and find a way to make clean-up doesn't get out of control. I'm especially going to remember this as the holidays approach. We will have many get-togethers and house guests, which means there will be additional clean-up. That's why I'm thankful for Glad Black Bags! The quality is fantastic. My favorite feature is just how strong they are thanks to the ForceFlex design. I can fill it, stretch it, and stuff it with just about anything without worrying it's going to rip. I also appreciate the large-size of the bag and the handles.
Glad has partnered with mom of four and reality TV star Tori Spelling to host OMG Extra: After the Wild Life, a fun Facebook series featuring the loveable, messy animals from last year's mock reality series The Wild Life. If you haven't already, I suggest heading over to the After the Wild Life Facebook Tab and liking the Glad page. Be sure to play the Missing in the Mess game as well!

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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