Henry Haba Strong's Armor & Accessories ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Fun play tested over 300 submitted toys with kids of all ages, and chose 30 winners of the 21st Annual T.O.Y Awards.  It was no surprise to me that HABA, a company loved by parents everywhere won not just one, but TWO!! If you're a frequent reader here, you know how much my family loves HABA toys! Offering classic, timeless, and high quality toys...kids are sure to have fun, learn and use their imaginations while playing with these great toys for many years to come!
Found nationwide in over 1,000 U.S. specialty retail stores, catalogs and websites, HABA products have been recognized with German and American awards. They are a name parents know and trust...one that provides both fun and education for children of all ages.

Recognized as one of the best toys is HABA's very own Henry Haba Strong’s Armor!

My kids love to engage in pretend play, using their imaginations and creativity. That's why they enjoy dress-up and I knew they'd be thrilled to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review Henry Haba-Strong’s Armor, helmet and shield!

When Henry's Haba-Strong's Armor and accessories arrived, I was beyond thrilled. Right out of the package the quality blew me away! These items are incredibly well-made and something I know will withstand a lot of play and use. That's a good thing, as I currently have two children who have not wanted to take it off...and I'm sure my little guy will be following in their foot steps once he's old enough!

My almost 3 year old was most intrigued by this outfit. I mean, what little boy doesn't want to be a knight?! He was begging to put it on, and of course...I couldn't wait to see him in it! As we got on the armor, I was happy with how easy to it is to adjust thanks to the adjustable belt. It makes it easy for children to put on themselves and is great for fitting to children of different sizes (designed for 3-6 year olds).

Kaden loved how padded it was. He said he felt "strong". :)
Of course, what is a knight without his helmet and shield?! I wasn't sure how well Kaden would like having something on his head, but I think that was his favorite part! Henry Haba Strong's helmet really completes the look. I love how soft it is, and the quality is equally as great!

It's completely safe, but looks realistic with the visor able to flip open and shut. 
I have to say I was most impressed with Henry Haba Strong's shield. It's brightly colored like the other pieces, and the cotton/polyester material makes it soft and safe. The shield is padded and even has a handle which makes it easy to hold onto while playing.
It's been a lot of fun watching the kids play and engage in pretend play with the Henry Haba Strong items. I love hearing all about their Knight experiences and the way their imaginations and creativity leads them. I can tell Henry Haba Strong's armor will definitely be something my kids will enjoy playing with for years to come.

Now all my kids say they are missing is a sword. We now have a great idea for Christmas gifts this year!
If you're looking for a great quality, highly fun toy that encourages imaginative play, I would definitely recommend these products and can see why it was chosen as a 21st Annual T.O.Y Award!

The other winning item is Expedition Dino. This is an adventurous game for dinosaur lovers! Together with Tim the dinosaur explorer, you search the traces of a prehistoric giant. Equipped with a hammer and chisel you excavate petrified bones from the rocks. There is a dangerous dinosaur hiding in between the blocks of rock though, so watch out. For 2 - 5 players, Ages 4 - 99.

Buy It: You can purchase Henry Haba Strong's Armor and accessories at HabaUSA.com!

**The products for this review were provided for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way

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