Zooper Twist Stroller and a Day at the Zoo! ~ Review & Giveaway

Posted by Jenna | Friday, August 17, 2012

We like to take several little family trips over the summer, and one that we make sure to do every year is a trip to the Zoo! The kids absolutely love it, and so do we! I was really excited to go this year, as it was the first time we'd been there since Caysen was born. He's a very curious little guy, and I knew he'd like seeing all of the animals.

As I began planning and packing for the trip I realized there was more to get together for three kids now. More stuff in the diaper bag, more snacks, and of course, more strollers. We knew the zoo we were going to was going to be big and required a lot of walking, so we didn't want to push strollers that were very heavy. Thankfully Zooper came to our rescue with the Zooper Twist...a comfortable, yet compact stroller perfect for day trips like this one!
  •  Stroller weighs 18.2 lb.
  • Available in several colors/patterns
  • All purpose canopy
  • Five point safety harness
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Cup holder
  • Easy carry handle
  • One hand seat recline
  • One step rear break 
  • Storage basket
  • Simple/compact fold

The Zooper Twist arrived just before our planned trip to the zoo. It was great timing and I was looking forward to getting it all ready to go. Out of the box there was very little assembly which I appreciated. We were getting things ready for our fun day away, so having time to focus on that was important. Once it was ready, I was drawn to the unique color and design. 
The morning of our trip to the zoo, we packed up the car. My husband was a little worried that we wouldn't have room for everything at first. We have a 7 passenger SUV and with all the seats up, it doesn't have a lot of storage room in the back. After getting everything in though, we both agreed that this stroller was the perfect travel companion! It has a simple, compact fold that made it easy to fit in the back even where there wasn't a lot of space.
Once we got to the zoo, we got the strollers ready and were already happy with the Zooper Twist and all the storage it offered. I kept my zoo map in the pocket on the canopy, hung our diaper bag on the handles and was able to have plenty of room for souvenirs and other things we needed to store in the large storage basket. 

After getting everything situated, we decided to put Kaelyn in the Zooper Twist stroller to start. It would really be perfect for any of our kids, but she particularly liked the color of the stroller and really wanted a ride. I couldn't blame her, I'd sit in it if I could too! She was all smiles as we set out on our day of fun! 
I appreciate the 5 point harness. It helps keep the kids safe while riding in the stroller. When we were in an area where the kids got in and out of their strollers frequently, she did not keep it on. However, on longer walks around where we had to travel a distance, it was a very nice thing to have so I knew she was safe and secure in her seat. 

Kaelyn hopping in the stroller to take a quick pic with mom while we stopped to grab a bite to eat. She looks pretty comfortable if you ask me!
At just 18.2 lbs, I found this to be a very lightweight stroller to push around all day. We were at the zoo for several hours and I had no problem pushing the kids in it. It's easy to maneuver, and the four independent wheel suspensions helped make it a smoother ride as well....even on the bumpy terrain as we walked back to the petting zoo area of the zoo. I'd say this was probably their favorite part!!
Many times on trips like this, Kaelyn will complain that she's uncomfortable in the stroller and would rather walk. In the Zooper though, she went on and on about how comfortable it was. I could tell she appreciated the quality and comfort of the materials used just as much as I do. It made the day a lot more pleasant having a happy four year old who didn't mind riding in her stroller. 

We made several stops to see animals as well as grab bites to eat and of course drinks to keep us hydrated. It was nice having the rear brake to easily step down on to make sure the stroller stayed in place when we needed it to. Once we got going again, I simply put our drink in the handy cup holder and we were on our way to see the next fascinating animal (and there were LOTS at this zoo!).

For a trip like the zoo there is a lot of getting in and out. This stroller is great because it has a removable armrest which makes it easy to jump in and out when we got to a new animal that they wanted to look at up close. I appreciate this feature a lot! On our trip to the park however (which you'll see in the video), we liked having the option of putting it on. 

Toward the end of our time at the zoo, we decided to check out the new Dinosaur exhibit. Kaelyn was excited and Caysen took everything in. Kaden however, wasn't too sure at first...which is when the large canopy which had kept Kaelyn shaded for much of the day, came in VERY handy! Kaden wanted to ride in the Zooper Twist and he decided to pull the all-purpose canopy down all the way. It not only offers full coverage form the sun, but it also helped him hide when he wanted to as well. :) As time went on he did get a little more used to the dinosaurs, but he felt better being able to pull that large canopy down when needed. I like that it offers a UV net, rain cover and sunshade all in one single unit as well. 

Kaden debating whether or not to get out and look at the dinosaurs or stay sitting in the stroller while it was parked (he did end up getting out...for a moment) :)
After the dinosaurs, our fun day at the zoo had come to an end. We were all tired, but went home with many memories that we'll always remember. Having the Zooper Twist with us definitely made the day go more smoothly. It was such an easy stroller to push round, comfortable for the kids, and its many features including an easy recline, easy fold and large canopy really came in handy.

Caysen taking it all in...
We also learned that having a stroller that is not the color of every other stroller was really nice when in such a busy place like a zoo on a summer day. It was easy for my husband to keep track of where I was because he could spot our fun Mountain Flower stroller out from amongst the rest. 
We've sure been enjoying our Zooper stroller and take it with even on shopping trips, walks and trips to the park. Here's a quick clip of a recent trip to the park with our Zooper Twist.

We love the Zooper brand and the quality they represent. I would definitely recommend their strollers to any parent I know, not to mention their line of other great products as well. They offer the To-Go high chair, Hook-On chair, and even a baby Rocker! You can check them all out on the Zooper.com.

Win It: One very lucky reader is going to win their choice of either a Hook-On Chair OR a Rocker. To enter, simply enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. If you don't see the Rafflecopter form, click here

This giveaway will end September 3rd and is open to US Only

**The products for this review and giveaway were provided for free by Zooper. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. 

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