Original and Mini New York Style Bagel Crisps ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, August 16, 2012

I have found that if I have junk food available to eat, I'll usually choose that for a snack. So, needless to say, our family has started to steer clear of most junk food and concentrates on buying healthier snacks we can munch on when we're hungry. The only problem is, we often find "healthier" usually means less flavorful. Thankfully, not any more with New York Style Bagel Crisps!
We were sent the Original and Mini New York Style Mini Bagel Crisps to try, and the moment they arrived we were all looking forward to trying them out. With a lot of flavor and 50% less fat and 18% fewer calories than leading potato chips, I was definitely ready to satisfy my cravings without the guilt!

 I am a BBQ lover, so we pulled the Mini BBQ crisps out first! They were absolutely delicious and the kids' and my favorite out of the two! My husband preferred the Roasted Garlic Original Crisps and said they reminded him of a garlic bagel! Yum!!
We have all agreed that they are super yummy without being paired with anything and that's how we prefer them. However, to dress them up a little there's a lot of options that would be delicious with them if desired! Whether it's for a yummy summer snack or an appetizer when entertaining, we came up with some options that we would like to try including some cheddar cheese, a cheese ball type dip with cream cheese, a little onion and sunflower seeds, peanut butter, and even fruit!

The next time we have a family get together, I'm thinking these would be perfect for serving to guests. They'd be so easy to place out on a platter and have different "topping" or "dipping" options available on the side if desired. What a fun go-to snack that's not only flavorful, but also more healthy than chips!

We have really enjoyed the New York Style Bagel Crisps and would highly recommend them to others. Whether it's for your family as a snack or something fun to serve to guests, these are the perfect choice! And, each variety comes in several flavors to choose from, so you're sure to find something that suits your taste perfectly!

You can learn more and connect with New York Style on Twitter and Facebook. While you're on their Facebook Page, be sure to check out their Bagel Snack Star Sweepstakes! Launched June 28th and running through September 2nd, the Bagel Snack Star Sweepstakes gives fans a chance to win a red carpet movie experience with their friends and family! Prizes include a grand prize for one will who have a chance to win a private VIP photographed and catered experience at their local movie theater. New York Style will rent out the theater for you to host the ultimate experience with 50 friends. The winner will also receive a gift card for a year supply ($500 worth) of movie tickets!!

**I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of New York Style and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

  1. rj7777 September 11, 2012 at 9:05 PM  

    These are so good. I love that they have less calories too. I couldn't tell it when eating them which makes them so good. Great flavors, too! Rita Spratlen rjspratlen@gmail.com

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