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Posted by Jenna | Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer is a time for us to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. With winter lasting a better part of the year, we are out the moment it gets nice out and soak it in as much as possible until cold weather returns. Aside from frequent trips to the park and walks around the neighborhood, we also LOVE spending time in the pool! With three kids it is not always easy to pack up everyone and go to the local pool, so this summer we decided to buy a larger pool for own yard. What a fabulous decision that was! We've been able to enjoy many hours swimming and relaxing all hours of the day. We love it and so do the kids!

Of course, along with summer water fun comes the important topic of water safety. I want to make sure my kids have the necessary gear to keep them safe while swimming in the pool. That's why I appreciate brands like Floaties™!

Floaties was born out of necessity in Australia in 1964 by a family who almost lost their 18 month old baby through drowning! It was then that they wanted to empower children and their parents through the invention of Floatation Armbands. In time, a complete water confidence range was developed by Klaus, all of which exceed the highest quality standards. They are the most recognized name for water confidence products in Australia and many other parts of the world and a brand I am so happy to have been introduced to this summer!

In learning more about Floaties™, I found that their products are not only designed to help keep children safe, but also build their confidence in the water. I appreciate that they help keep children safe while still allowing them to have fun. And, they recognize that all kids are different so Floaties offers a complete range of swimming aids and accessories to suit different sizes, weights, etc.

Since we spend so much time in the water during the summer months, I was thrilled to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review of their products. We were sent a Swim Seat, Armbands, and Kickboard.
When the products arrived, the kids couldn't wait to test them out in the pool. I took each out of their packaging and was impressed with the quality right away! They are made with the best quality materials to give parents peace of mind.
As I looked for the instructions, I found them located right on the packaging. They were easy to follow with helpful advice and clear warnings. Of course, once we had them out, the things the kids loved most was the eye catching fun yellow color. It not only makes them fun but it's also great for safety as they can easily be seen in and out of the water.

Each Floaties product suited my kids perfectly. Kaelyn absolutely loved the Kickboard. Designed for kids ages 2+ years and 33+ lbs, this is idea for both kick and stroke development. Kaelyn is still learning how to swim and this has been perfect for building her confidence and development in the water. There are built in hands for easy grip and most importantly, the durable construction ensures that she's safe while using it. It's definitely something I can tell will hold up well and will be used summer after summer!
Kaden is even newer to the water and liked being able to wear the Floaties Armbands. We got a size 2 which are designed for ages 2-6 years old/24-55 lbs....perfect for Kaden's age and size. He found them easy and comfortable to wear, and doesn't mind having them on while in the pool. This is a relief, because like most kids, he is particular about things like this and I was happy that he likes them. In fact, he often reminds me if I don't have them out yet when we're outside getting into the pool! The armbands also have dual air chambers with non-return safety valves. They're great for children like Kaden who just being introduced to swimming.
And of course there's our baby Caysen, who loves the water as well. Thanks to the Floaties Swim Seat, he is able to enjoy the water just as much as the rest of us. This Swim Seat features a dual chamber outer ring and non return safety valve for added security. I was amazed how well he liked it. It was comfortable and relaxing for him. My favorite feature is the sturdy back support on it and the fact that it allows him to sit in the water, not float on top of it.
We've been thrilled with all three Floaties products we received and would definitely recommend them to other parents with young children. They have made our water time fun and most importantly, safe this summer. I appreciate the dual air chambers, high grade vinyl and non-return valves that promote confidence in kids and peace of mind for parents knowing their children are safe while in the water.

Buy It: You can find out where to buy Floaties products on their website.

**The products for this review were provided for free by Floaties™. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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    They look like they are enjoying these toys for safety. It helps them do more than they normally would. What great pictures. The little one looks amazed at what he can do!! Rita Spratlen rjspratlen@gmail.com

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