Like many children, ours have become quite attached to the fun our iPhone, iPad and iPod devices provide! Whether it be a game or a movie, it seems we have one of these devices (or all) along with us wherever we go. We currently have movies available on our iPad for the kids to watch from time to time. Of course, when allowed to do this, they usually fight about who gets to hold the iPad, or that one of them can't see the screen well enough. Thankfully, our problem has been solved thanks to the 3M Mobile Projector MP225a!

The 3M Mobile Projector helps to keep everyone entertained. Instead of crowding around the tiny screen on a smartphone or tablet, this handy device allows you to turn your Apple gadget into a big screen theater at home or on the go with Netflix, YouTube, iTunes and more!

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Connects to iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano (generations 3-6), and iPod Classic
  • Connects to laptops and computers (additional 3M VGA cable required)
  • Connects to DVD and gaming consoles (additional 3M composite Cable required)
  • Up to 2 hours of battery life per charge (or run continuously on AC power)
  • Projects a screen size of up to 80" diagonally!!
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Audio out for external speakers or headphones
  • No lamps to replace, uses long-lasting LED technology
  • Small portable size
  • Easy set up/user-friendly

When the 3M Mobile Projector arrived, our family was super excited to test it out! We had been talking about doing a family movie night, and what better way to do that than with a big screen?!

As with anything technology related, I felt a little nervous at first wondering how difficult this device would be to figure out. Thankfully though, I had nothing to worry about. There were easy to follow instructions included which made setup a breeze. After installing the battery, we plugged in the power supply and one end of the video cable into the 3M Mobile Projector and the other into our iPad.

The control panel on the mobile projector was also simple to use. The familiar symbols make using it very easy, even my kids figured out how it worked. I love this (and it's probably my favorite part!) because it doesn't matter if you're tech-savvy or not, you can still easily use this device with no problems at all!
When we first set it up, it was the middle of the day and the kids wanted to watch one of their favorite television shows. I set it down stairs where the kids have their large bean bag to lay on and turned on Curious George on the iPad. Of course we had to turn off the lights and make popcorn so it was just like the theater! They LOVED it!!

I can't tell you how neat of an experience it was to have the kids' favorite shows and movies on big screen. It made watching them such a special treat for us and them! We've been able to enjoy watching different shows and family movies with the 3M Mobile Projector and have loved every minute of it!

I was impressed with how great the sound was with the built-in stereo speakers. It was clear and easy to hear. One of the times we used it, we also used the audio out for external speakers which was a neat alternative to make the sound even more clear and loud.

We've talked about all the ways we could use the 3M Mobile Projector and really, the sky is the limit thanks to the small, portable size! It easily pops into a purse or bag, making it great for on the go as well! How fun would it be take something like this while on vacation? Other than swimming, one of our kids' favorite things to do while at a motel is watch tv and pop popcorn. With this 3M projector, we could make that experience even more exciting on any motel room wall! It would also be a great way to share a picture slideshow with family or at a wedding, birthday party, etc, or even mirror your favorite iPhone/iPad game such as Angry Birds for life-sized gaming fun!

One of the other ways we were really looking forward to using this device, but didn't get around to it, was having a movie night outside by projecting it right onto the house. That would be the ultimate "drive-in" movie night experience!

Whether it's used to project home movies, photos, or a fun twist on a family or date night movie night...this 3M Mobile Projector helps keep everyone entertained and makes the experience so real and fun! With easy set up, a two hour battery life and the fact that it's small enough to easily store or take with whenever you want to makes it the perfect device for families. I would highly recommend it! With it, family movie night and family reunion slideshows will never be the same!!

You can connect with 3M Mobile Projectors on their Facebook page and Twitter page!

**I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate


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