Build-A-Bear Workshop ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, June 28, 2012

Build-A-Bear Workshop is known for the opportunity they give children (and adults) to make their own stuffed animal. It's a unique experience and one that is truly special, especially for children. My kids absolutely adore their Build-A-Bear Workshop animals, and always jump at the opportunity to visit a store whenever we're around one.

The closest Build-A-Bear Workshop store to us is over two hours away. That means our visits are usually few and far between. Living a distance from the nearest store doesn't mean we can't enjoy Build-A-Bear Workshop's super cute and cuddly friends though. Did you know they offer a large collection of featured pals right online!? I used to think the only way to make a stuffed animal was go into an actual store, but their online selection and user-friendly site makes it easy to purchase and make adorable gifts with the click of a button! You can even customize them with a song!!

In the month of June, Build-A-Bear Workshop has been featuring some pretty cute animals for a few of them:
We were excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review two of them. Kaelyn picked out the Oodles of Fun Octopus and Kaden chose the Travelin' Sea Turtle.

I love the fact that Build-A-Bear Workshop offers a variety of furry friends to choose from. Whether you're looking for something more simple like a bear or a dog, or something more unique and fun...they have it all! This particular collection of new friends really caught our eye as being extra special and all of us were really excited to check them out when they arrived!

Each new friend arrived in a Build-A-Bear Workshop signature box. This makes getting them in the mail a lot of fun and so much like being able to get one right in the store! What a fantastic gift idea.
We first took Oodles of Fun Octopus out of her box and of course, Kaelyn was thrilled! As always, I was impressed with the quality. So much time goes into the little details, making these stuffed animals truly one of a kind.
The color is vibrant and fun, perfect for my pink loving little girl! This octopus is really cute, and soft. Her 17" size makes her the perfect cuddle buddy for Kaelyn's little arms. She loves to snuggle with her, sleep with her, even play with her and take her on car rides. She's the perfect companion and oh so adorable!

Kaelyn loves all of her arms/legs and especially appreciated the mini plush sea buddy toy included.
Of course, once Kaden saw Kaelyn's new Build-A-Bear, he wanted to check out his too.
What I love about this adorable sea turtle is that he's perfect for both boys and girls. His fur is super soft, making him Kaden's new favorite stuffed animal to cuddle with and sleep with every night (and nap time!). I really like the details on this Build-A-Bear friend, especially the textured fur and mini plush buddy that comes with him.
Kaden's favorite part is the removable shell. He calls it a backpack and thinks it's super special that his new Build-A-Bear friend has this feature.

These are just a couple of the many great options to choose from right on the Build-A-Bear Workshop website and in-store. Their collection of cuddly friends is outstanding, and once again did not disappoint! We have fallen in love with these two adorable animals and can't wait to see what new friends they come up with. I would definitely recommend taking a look at their selection online, and if you live near a Build-A-Bear Workshop, you can always go into the store and make a friend of your choosing as well.

Buy It: You can purchase the Oodles of Fun Octopus and the Travelin' Sea Turtle for $22 each at

**The product for this review was provided for free. All opinions are my own.**

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