As a parent, you can probably relate to having a cluttered, unorganized, and sometimes downright dirty car! It's inevitable with children that there will be spills, crumbs, and toys around the vehicle...especially when traveling! As someone who likes to try to take care of our vehicles, while also keeping things organized and in their place...I was thrilled to learn about two new products from Prince Lionheart.

For those who aren't familiar with Prince Lionheart, they are a family-owned and operated business and have been since 1973. They operate upon three core beliefs from which they were founded...quality, innovation and outstanding service. Although times have changed over the years...their commitment to these core beliefs remain the same. Offering everything from feeding and nursery items to safety, play and's no wonder that they are a name parents have grown to know and trust time and time again.

I'm a huge fan of Prince Lionheart and their quality products. Having owned several of their products and being very happy with them, I was thrilled to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review two must-have items for summer travel... the Prince Lionheart back seat ORGANIZER and Two-Stage Seatsaver!
We learned the hard way when it came to protecting our seats and upholstery in the car. When Kaelyn and Kaden were young, we simply put their car seats in the vehicle with a towel underneath. Although this helped with the messes, it did not help protect the seat it self. We needed something thicker and more durable to help prevent depression damage. That's why the Two-Stage Seatsaver caught my eye right away when it arrived!


  • High density foam construction prevents damage
  • Protects upholstery from spills and dirt
  • Keeps car seats level and in proper position
  • 2 stages to grow with child
  • Fits all automobiles
  • Available in Black, Gray and Beige

This seat saver is unlike others that I've seen, as it is actually a Two-Stage Seatsaver. Prince Lionheart has created a product with parents in mind who have both rear facing car seats and forward facing car seats!
The bottom tray is used alone with rear facing infant seats and the back attaches to the bottom tray for use with forward facing toddler and booster car seats. What a GREAT idea!! I love that there are two steps to this seatsaver and that it is so easy to put together and take apart.
We are currently using the Two-Stage Seatsaver for Caysen who is still rear facing in an infant carrier. The bottom tray helps to keep his car seat level and in proper position which I appreciate.
Used with forward facing car seats and booster seats, the kick plate helps protect the upholstery from shoe scuffs, dirty, and wear. I love that it is a product that grows with the child and can be used for many years. We have the quality to be top-notch. The high density foam construction is durable and helps to prevent the depression damage I mentioned earlier. It also helps protect the seat from messes and is very easy to clean.
One thing that has been especially nice about this seat saver, is that it has a non-slip bottom which keeps it in place and doesn't slip and slide around. Just one more way that Prince Lionheart has gone above and beyond in creating such a useful, safe and high quality product!
As I said, aside from taking care of our vehicles and keeping them clean, I also like to contain the clutter and keep things as organized as possible. We are going on a vacation next month, and I was trying to figure out how we were going to keep all of the kids stuff - snacks, movies, toys, etc. together and easily accessible (off the floor and seats) when I was introduced to the handy back seat ORGANIZER from Prince Lionheart!

  • Fantastic quality
  • Many pockets, hooks, etc for must-haves in the vehicle
  • Keeps everything organized and easy to find
  • Easy to get on the seat
  • Available in Black/Gray or Tan/Brown

Keeping the family car neat and organized is often a struggle for parents, so when this product arrived on our doorstep, I had a feeling it's just the solution I was looking for! I was right!
Out of the box I could tell the quality is great...very durable and something that will last us a long time! It's also very easy to "install" and get in the vehicle. YAY! As a busy parent I like when things are easy and don't' take much time. Once we had it in the car and got the kids' stuff in it, I was amazed just how functional and organized it really is! Now we have a place for everything... pacifiers, snacks, drinks, dads, toys, and more! Everything has it's own place and is easy to get to. Oh, and it looks great with the interior of our car...I love the black/gray!
Prince Lionheart even though to put two top pockets that zip. Believe it or not, this is one little way that parents can keep their sanity in case of a car seat meltdown (and I'm sure we've all been there!). These pockets are designed for distraction toys (capitalizing on the element of surprise) affording children a moment of intrigue with a new toy they didn't even know had been brought along, all while parents enjoy a moment of silence. How neat is that?! I thought this was genius!!

I am absolutely loving this back seat organizer! It has helped keep our car more clean, less cluttered and best of all... the kids and us are able to easily find what we need because everything is organized in its place! I love it!!

We've been very pleased with both the back seat ORGANIZER and Two-Stage Seatsaver from Prince Lionheart!As always, Prince Lionheart did not disappoint. This travel bundle is perfect as we get ready for summer travel and thanks to the thought that went into their many features, we know that both of these products will help us protect our vehicle from messes, damage and stay more organized.

Win It: One very lucky reader is going to win the same "travel bundle" I received from Prince Lionheart - including the back seat ORGANIZER and Two-Stage Seatsaver! (US Only) Just enter my Rafflecopter giveaway below... (if you don't see the Rafflecopter form, click here).    

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**The products for this review and giveaway were provided for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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