Brolly Sheets ~ Waterproof Sheet Protector (Review)

Posted by Jenna | Monday, May 21, 2012

Although Kaden has been fully potty trained for just over 6 months now, he still has an accident at night every now and then. We've tried the traditional mattress protectors, but have found that he is not a fan! They are not only uncomfortable, but they also rustle and make noise every time he moves. We've been looking for a better solution, something that would be easy to change and more comfortable for him to sleep on. Thankfully, we've found that and more with the Waterproof Sheet Protector from Brolly Sheets.

The idea for a Brolly Sheet was born, when founder Diane Hurford was night time potty training her daughter, Mia. In need of a way to make night time accidents less of a hassle...not having to completely strip and remake the bed each time....she created a waterproof mattress protector that her children could sleep on. Something that was comfortable and easy to pull of and replace with another in seconds! Available in several fantastic colors, Brolly Sheets are made to match a child's decor and bedding while being a terrific alternative to traditional mattress protectors.
When asked if we'd like to review a Brolly Sheet, it couldn't have been better timing. We were in need of a better solution and were hopeful that this was the answer we'd been looking for! When the Brolly Sheets Waterproof Sheet Protector arrived, I was a little disappointed that there was a mix up with the color I had requested (I got pink instead of blue). However, Even though blue would have matched my son's decor and bedding...the truth is, the pink one works just fine for what we need it for.
Taking it out of the package, I was impressed with the high quality. This 100% quilted cotton comfy top layer is soft and something I had a feeling would be more comfortable to sleep on than the noisy, traditional mattress protector we had before (there's no PVC or vinyl!).
I put the waterproof sheet protector on Kaden's bed and found it was very easy to do. There are wings on each side which I tucked in tight on each side of the mattress to keep it firmly in place. Seeing just how quick and easy it was to do...I could see why this was going to make night time accidents much less of a hassle. No more having to take the time to completely strip the bed and remake it when I can just take off the Brolly Sheet (and some day when I have a spare, just replace it with a clean one)! Washing this easy to clean sheet protector is much easier than washing all of his sheets every time he has an accident.
In the time we've used them, we've found that the Brolly Sheet is super absorbent...the middle layer especially (with a capacity to hold up to half a gallon of liquid when wet)! There's also a waterproof backing layer - a combination that is sure to keep any child's bottom sheet and mattress dry.

Aside from being incredibly easy to put on and take's comfortable for Kaden to sleep on which is most important.

We have been really happy with the Brolly Sheets Waterproof Sheet Protector. Offered in a range of great colors, Brolly Sheets look nothing like traditional mattress protectors, are comfortable, and easy to change.  I would definitely recommend them to other parents. You can check out the full line of colors and sizes at!

Buy It: You can purchase the Twin size Brolly Sheet like we reviewed for $29.95.

*The product for this review was provided for free. All opinions are my own*

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