Madii & Dyl Sookie Babe Newborn Nod Booster ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, April 28, 2012

When it came time to finding a pillow for her son, Jackie Than ran into the same problems many parents face. Finding the right pillow was not as easy as it sounds. She found cotton pillows to be a breeding ground for mites, buckwheat too uncomfortable and dusty, feathers had no shape and did not offer the support needed, and memory foam is made from harsh chemicals. Considering the average infant and child sleep up to 16 hours a day, she felt it important to find something that was hypoallergenic, natural and most importantly provided the support that growing children need.

Although we don't use a pillow with Caysen, during the day I like to have something to help support his head. He has a bit of a flat spot on the back from the way he lays when he sleeps at night. Instead of having him on the floor playing with his head flat against the floor, I've been looking for something that would cushion his head while preventing the flatness. That's when I remembered Madii & Dyl and their Sookie Babe Newborn Nod Booster!

For those who visit here often, you may remember the review I did of their Mini Me Cozy Kids Pillow! We have been very happy with the quality and comfort it offers, which is why I was thrilled to learn they had a pillow designed for daytime head that has a cradle design to prevent roll-overs and flat-heads! Knowing that their pillows are made from 100% certified organic latex and contain no chemicals....I was excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review the Sooki Babe Pillow. After all, who wouldn't want their child using a safe, hypo-allergenic and dust-mite, mildew and bacteria resistant pillow?!

  • For daytime head support
  • Cradle design prevents roll-overs and flat-heads
  • Self-ventilating cores provide maximum air flow
  • Designed for infants 3 months +

When the pillow arrived, I was excited to get it out and see how the quality compared to our Mini Me. 

Once again, Madii & Dyl did not disappoint! This pillow is extremely soft and cushy! It even comes with a polyester pillow protector and pure cotton pillow case as well! 
The size is really nice too! It's really the perfect size for little heads...Caysen lays on it very well. I can tell this is something he'll be able to use for quite some time...and knowing that it is the only pillow that can be washed and keep it's shape up to 5 years lets me know it's something that will last us a long time too!! YAY!
Caysen has used this pillow a lot, and the thing I like most about it, is the unique cradle design. This has helped prevent the flathead when he's laying on his back while also naturally conforming to his head providing correct neck support and spine alignment. 

I also like the self-ventilating cores which provide maximum air flow to prevent moisture and heat build-up. This allows Caysen to breath freely in any position. It helps keep him cool which is great as well! He seems to love it!
Since trying the Sookie Babe and Mini Me Pillows from Madii & Dyl, I'd love to get the Teenii Tot toddler comfort pillow for Kaden at some point. It's ideal for toddlers and walkers and has a distinctive wave design that conforms to the child's head, offering proper neck support and spine alignment. As someone who gets hot easily, I think he'd love that it too has self-ventilating cores that provide maximum air flow!

Overall we've been really happy with the Sookie Babe. It's a great, all-natural, hypoallergenic and chemical-free way to keep Caysen comfortable by offering head support during the day and preventing a flat head. It's practical for kids, as are their other children's pillows
If you'd like to learn more about Madii & Dyl, head over and visit their website, Facebook page and Twitter page.

**The product for this review was provided for free, however all opinions are my own**


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