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Posted by Jenna | Monday, February 20, 2012

Since last summer, my 2 year old son has been struggling with eczema. At first I thought he just had a reaction to something, but as time passed and having had discussions with his doctor, we are now certain that eczema is the reason why he itches his skin raw. I was hopeful winter would be better than this past summer was, but with the dry has remained the same. The poor thing always has to wear pants and long sleeve shirts, otherwise he itches until he bleeds. As a mom, it's a helpless feeling having tried so many different lotions, creams, body washes, etc...with very little relief for him. The fact that he and I both struggle with eczema and have sensitive skin, I was excited to learn about Neosporin Essentials!

Neosporin Essentials is a new line of skincare products designed for people with eczema.

Daily Moisturizing Cream - visibly restores skin to a healthier state within three days! With colloidal oatmeal, a skin protectant and free of steroids, the moisturizer provides gentle everyday use for your entire family.
Daily Body Wash - moisturizes while washing so you can enjoy a warm shower without drying out your skin.
Anti-Itch Cream - provides immediate relief to sudden flare-ups due to eczema as well as improves flaking and the appearance of redness.

As we continue to search for a remedy to help both Kaden and I with our eczema, I was happy to learn we were going to be sent a Trial Pack of Neosporin Essentials to test out.
One thing I love about Neosporin Essentials is the fact that both Kaden and myself have been able to use them. So many products on the market today are specifically geared toward children OR adults. It's nice to know that these products are gentle enough to be used by everyone (2 years and up)!

Having used the products for a few weeks now, I have found that using all three products together really does help cleanse the skin, relieve dry and itchy skin and gives fast relief of itchy flare-ups.

As soon as symptoms began to occur, we began using the Anti-Itch Cream. This cream is a 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream that provides relief to sudden flare-ups due to eczema as well as improves flaking and the appearance of redness. Unlike other hydrocortisone products we've used in the past, I was happy to find that this one not only has helped with both of our itching (pretty much immediately after use), but it also helps with appearance of redness. And, the best part is that it's fragrance free and contains no antibiotics.

Although it's important to treat the flare-ups...we've learned it's also crucial to take good care of our skin in between the worst times of eczema as well. This means keeping a good daily moisturizing routine. We've also been enjoying the Daily Moisturizing Cream and Daily Body Wash as well!

The Daily Body Wash is fragrance free and contains no soap or antibiotics. It has been great for our dry, sensitive skin! Kaden and I both have found that it's gentle and non-irritating which has been great!

One of my favorite of the three products is the Daily Moisturizing Cream. This cream seems to be working better than the other lotions we have tried. It helps to relieve dryness and itch. What I have found with Kaden who is eczema quite bad this time of year, is that his skin seems healthier looking after using the moisturizing cream daily. With colloidal oatmeal, a skin protectant and free of's something I feel good about using on both of our skin every day.

Overall I've been really happy with the results of Neosporin Essentials products. Kaden still has some patches of irritated skin, but staying on top of the eczema with daily use of these products (and the anti-itch cream when needed), has really seemed to help ease the discomfort and most of the redness. I'm definitely going to continue using these products on both of us. I appreciate that these products are effective, affordable, gentle, and from a brand we know and trust!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Neosporin Essentials and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


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