Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller ~ Review

Posted by Jenna | Sunday, February 26, 2012

With three children 4 years old and younger, a simple walk outside, trip to the mall, etc. takes a bit more time and planning ahead now. With Caysen in an infant carrier, and Kaelyn and Kaden who get worn out walking too husband and I have found that a stroller is an absolute must most places we go. The problem is, we did not have a stroller that accommodated all three kids. This meant we either had to let Kaelyn walk (which is not ideal when there's a lot of walking involved or we're in a crowded place) or bring a double stroller AND single stroller with us when we were out and about. Thankfully, we have now found a solution thanks to Joovy!

A U.S. based company that manufactures premium family gear, Joovy's goal is to create high quality, useful, practical, attractive and fun products that make life easier for busy parents. Between their large selection of products such as strollers, highchairs, playards and toys, as well as their commitment to service and making sure customers come's no wonder parents turn to Joovy for their family gear needs.

I was introduced to Joovy this past Summer, and was very impressed with their great line of products. As I recently browsed their collection online, I came across a stroller that stood out to me as perfect for our growing family. I couldn't have been happier to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review the Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller.

  • Front Seats with 2-Position Recline (accommodates children from 6 months to 40 lbs)
  • Deluxe rip stop nylon fabric
  • Front wheel locks
  • Rear wheel locks
  • Large storage basket
  • Removable Trays and Car Seat Adapters
  • Two removable canopies
  • Adjustable padded rear seat allows standing child to take a rest (has a 3-point harness)
  • Patented rear platform allows child that is at least 2-1/2 years old to stand
  • Folded Dimensions 14"H x 21.5"W x 63"L
  • Full Dimensions 44.25"H x 21.5"W x 55"L
  • Stroller Weight 37 lbs.
  • Front/Middle Seats Min Age 6 months+ (each seat max Weight 40 lbs)
  • Front/Middle Seats Min Age Birth+ using car seat adapter
  • Rear Seat Max Weight 45 lbs and 44" Max Height
With summer nearing, I know that I will be taking the kids out on walks a lot more by myself. With young children, the most ideal way to do this is with a triple stroller, which is why I couldn't wait to check out the Big Caboose Stand-On Triple stroller when it arrived.
Upon pulling it out of the box, I found there was little assembly required. As a busy parent with very little free time, this is much appreciated! In less than 10 minutes I had the wheels and trays in place and ready to use.
Once it was put together, I was able to check it out more thoroughly. I was immediately impressed with the quality. It's extremely durable and well-made. It also has a more narrow, sleek design than I had expected which is great!
Of course, one of the first things I look for when it comes to any gear we use with our kids is safety. I was happy to see that Joovy had safety in mind when creating the Big Caboose. I love the harness belt in the front two seats, as well as the 3 point harness belt on the rear seat. This helps to give me peace of mind that my kids are safe and secure when riding in the stroller.

I also noticed the LARGE storage basket right away as well! It's huge! We always have jackets, diaper bags, and other things along with having such a nice storage basket to keep it all is much appreciated!
Kaelyn and Kaden have both ridden in the front two seats and have mentioned how comfortable they are.

They accommodate children from 6 months to 40 lbs, so we'll definitely be able to use this stroller for a very long time. I appreciate the fact that both seats have a 2-Position Recline as well. There are times when we're out and Kaden wants to take a little nap or rest. It's nice when we can recline his seat for him to comfortably do that. Unlike some strollers, it couldn't be easier either. To place the seat in the upright position, you simply push the bar on the rear of the seat toward the front of the stroller and rotate the seatback towards the front of the stroller until the bar is locked into it's lowest position.

To recline the seat, simply pull the bar on the rear of the seat toward the rear of the stroller and rotate seat back down until this bar is in the lowest position. It's very simple to do with just one hand and takes just seconds. I love it!
Another benefit of the front seats is that they have two large removable canopies. They will be perfect for the summer months when we want to shade the kids from the sun some. For the times when we're indoors and don't need the canopies, I appreciate the fact that they can easily be removed.
I was happy to see that each seat also has a tray. There are times when the kids like to have a drink or a snack, and these trays will work perfectly for that.
And, although there's not a place for parents to put a drink on the handle of the stroller...I was thankful to see that Joovy does sell a Caboose Parent Organizer as an accessory which will hold 2 cups, and also has pockets for things like a cell phone, keys, etc.
When it comes to strollers, another must for us is that it must be compatible with our infant car seat. At 3 months old, Caysen is still in his infant car seat when we're out, and having a stroller to set him in makes it easier than carrier the infant seat everywhere. I'm so thankful that the Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller has a car seat carrier support that works with our carrier (as well as anumber of other infant car seats as well - the full list can be found on their site!).

In fact, it has TWO (one for EACH of the front seating locations!!). This makes this stroller a perfect option for a family who has twin babies as well. To use the stroller with an infant seat carrier, the front tray can be removed, and the car seat adapter clicks into place. It's very sturdy and locks in easily. We then install the infant carrier inside the Car Seat Carrier Support frame and use the carrier restraining straps to secure it.
Having a place for Kaden in one of the seats, and Caysen in the other has been great!! Caysen seems pretty happy about it too... :)

Of course, we also have Kaelyn...which is why I was drawn to The Big Caboose in the first place. It's a triple stroller that accommodates three young children. It's actually perfect for our kids' ages because there's a spot for the two who are younger and need to have a seat, while at the same time, has a place for our four year old who likes to sit and stand some.

The padded rear seat allows Kaelyn to take a rest when she needs to. As I mentioned, there's a 3-point harness that helps keep her safe and secure while sitting. When she's ready to stand, the seat is adjustable and is easy to push back out of the way. She then can stand on the patented rear platform and enjoy being able to ride while stretching and standing at the same time.
Rear seat pushed back for room to stand
Rear seat pulled forward to sit
Patented rear platform to stand

This stroller really offers plenty of space for each of the kids, and to my surprise is actually very easy to push and maneuver as well. Once you get used to pushing a longer stroller (with the weight of three kids) it's pretty easy to get around. I'm excited to take the kids out this summer and knowing that even when my husband is at work I'll be able to easily push all three kids without having to worry about one walking, is great. It will be a workout, but I'm really looking forward to it!

The Big Caboose has everything we've been needing now that we have three children. The quality is fantastic, and having the ability to push all three kids at once is fantastic! Of course, since it is a triple stroller, it is quite large. As I said, we have found that it's easy to push, but it is still big. Afterall, it is called The BIG Caboose for a reason! Thankfully we have a large truck and a large SUV, so we are able to take it with us easily.
However, for someone with a smaller vehicle, it would be difficult as I don't think it would fit with folded dimensions of 14"H x 21.5"W x 63"L.
Speaking of folding, this stroller has been very easy to fold and unfold. To do so, we simply placed the canopies in their closed position and pushed them forward, then unlatch both safety latches on the lower sides, and pull upward on the trigger mechanisms on both sides of the stroller. We then push forward on the stroller using the handle bar and the stroller folds all the way down. The stroller then secures by engaging the locking latch on the right side of the stroller to keep it folded.

For anyone with a larger vehicle and three young children though, this is definitely a stroller I'd recommend. We've really enjoy using it and know that it will be one that we use for years to come!

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Buy It: The Joovy Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller retails for $379.99.
*The product for this review was provided by Joovy. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way*

  1. Amanda February 27, 2012 at 2:51 PM  

    Love the stroller!! I really like how the second seat appears to sit higher than the first so the child in back doesn't have to stare at the child in front of them. Is that just the picture? Or is is that how it really sits?

  2. Jenna February 29, 2012 at 9:27 AM  

    Yes, the second seat does sit higher which is really nice for the child sitting in that seat. We really love this stroller and the fact that it makes strolling around three children so easy.

  3. Carolyn Colley February 29, 2012 at 2:35 PM  

    This is really nice, they didn't have anything like this when my kids were little & anything that they had was so expensive that you could not afford it unless you had a lot of money

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    Hi I was so wondering if the infant carrier can be placed in the back seat?

  7. ILN February 4, 2014 at 3:50 AM  

    Does any infant carrier fit? I'm expecting a third soon and this stroller looks great!

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    poussette trop difficile a faire roulé et surtout tourné quand on a des enfants de 10 kilos chacun.
    Je la déconseille

  10. Deux Lai June 3, 2016 at 3:03 AM  

    Like your review on the Joovy Big Caboose - triple sit and stand stroller! It is easily one of the best sit and stand stroller around for a big family

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