Activities for Kids: Fun with Fruit Loops

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, February 02, 2012

As I said a couple of weeks ago. I've made it my goal to share some fun activities that I do with my kids, here on my blog each week. Everything from educational to crafts and games. Feel free to share any links or activities you have done with your little ones as well. I'm always looking for new ideas! :)

With any activity, my kids love if it includes food. I have found that candy and cereal work great as a manipulative for counting, color sorting, etc with many different activities we do. The other day we sat down and decided to use Fruit Loops. I always try to find activities I can do with both kids at the same time, but still similar so Kaden isn't feeling left out.

Kaden has been working on recognizing his colors and sorting, so I printed out this fun idea found over at The Princess and the Tot and laminated it. He had a blast sorting the different colors and of course, eating a few as he went as well! It really made learning a lot of fun for him.
Kaelyn really enjoys making patterns lately. I though it would be fun to use the Fruit Loops for this as well. So, while Kaden was working on his color sorting, I got out these Color Pattern Cards that I found over at a while back. I laminated them so they'll last longer.

Kaelyn enjoyed making different patterns with the Fruit Loops. She even started making patterns of her own without the cards which was great as well.

These are two simple activities I was able to do with both kids at the same time. It was educational, while fun at the same time. We'll definitely be doing it again!

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  1. Becky February 2, 2012 at 10:22 PM  

    Love this and I can imagine how fun it is to eat and play with your food

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