No More Candles: Creative Gifts for Teachers

Posted by Jenna | Friday, December 16, 2011

Every year around this time we want to show our gratitude to the one person who spends just as much time nurturing our children as we do: their teacher. Teachers always go the extra mile and receive little appreciation in return, but when you’re ready to show your thanks, it’s no surprise that you draw a blank. It’s a constant struggle between how much you should spend and what they will actually enjoy. Here are some refreshing ideas that you can give to your child’s teacher that let you show your appreciation without having to break the bank.

First, let’s talk budget. Even though teachers do so much for your child, you shouldn’t feel obligated to spend $300 on a brand name purse to show your gratitude. In fact, this makes most teachers feel rather uncomfortable. Rather, it is more the sentimental value behind the present, as cliché as it might seem, but if you stick to around $50, you’ll be set.

When they are sitting on the couch bundled up grading papers on a Sunday watching their favorite team play, what would be better than a snuggly sports blanket from their favorite team? This is a great idea because it allows your teacher to know that you actually pay attention to something they like and are passionate about. It is also non-gender specific and can be used frequently. Football Fanatics has a great selection of sports team memorabilia.

Want something more sentimental? Get your favorite teacher the teddy bear to remember that’s more than just a standard gift basket. The Serious Teddy Bear has a selection specifically for teddy bears for teachers and allows your favorite teacher to feel as if they really are “the best.” It also comes with charms and the book, “Great Teachers Give us Lifelong Gifts.” Getting a lovable bear for a lovable teacher is always a safe bet; plus, they can use it as another decoration for their classroom.

Another option that comes straight for the heart is something homemade, like a collection of your own best homemade recipes. This is also something the entire class can help create if you’re looking to pair up with other parents. You can have each family donate one of the favorite homemade recipes, and then get crafty and decorate the book with fun stickers and pictures from each family or classmate. Zazzle has a great selection of recipe scrapbooks that you can either buy, or use as inspiration to make your own.

Lastly, the one present that’s always a good go-to gift is the gift card. While typically branded as impersonal, there are ways to show that you gave it some extra thought. Instead of getting them something to a department store, get them a gift card to the local craft store so they can buy stuff to decorate their classroom or use to help the kids learn. Most supplies are out-of-pocket expenses for teachers, so you’re buying them something they’d likely have to buy themselves. And when you think about it, isn’t that the point of holiday presents?

What are some other creative gifts for teachers if you’re on a budget?

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