7 Most Popular Printers for Printing Family Photos ~ Guest Post

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The photographs people take of their kids are very important to them. They need a printer that will do the best job of printing these photographs, because they would hate to see pictures of the cute things their kids have done not turn out clearly. Several printers make great candidates for the purpose of creating memorable family photographs, and this list will name a few.

1. HP Photosmart 8750

This printer will create photographs that will make observers think the pictures were developed by a professional photographer. It is capable of making posters and pictures good enough to be placed in a frame and hung on the walls. It would be ideal for showcasing the family photos that were taken, for example, on the family vacation. These pictures would be of good enough quality to hang on the walls at the office, and impress everyone who sees them.

2. Epson PictureMate 500

This printer has the versatility to create photographs from several different sources such as from the family’s memory card or from a digital camera. This factor offers families the convenience of being able to take their pictures with different types of cameras and not have to worry that they will not be able to produce photographs with the same high quality printer. The printer can make pictures as large as 6 x 4 inches, and is small and light enough to be transported wherever the family needs it to go.

3. Epson PictureMate PM 280

This printer is great for the technologically-challenged. The printer works well on its own and does not require that anyone touch a PC or a Mac in order to print the desired photographs. It can perform a multitude of functions such as editing and storing of photographs as well as printing them. It works directly from a camera or a memory card that has been plugged into the device; no computer necessary.

4. Canon Pixma iP4300

For those on a budget, the Canon Pixma iP4300 may be just the right thing. Although it is relatively inexpensive, it does not skimp on functionality and is very user-friendly. Families have the opportunity to print their pictures in different sizes and can even create photographs in the extra large sizes. It also has the capability to print text if the family has a need for this function.

5. Epson Artisan 50

Not everyone is looking for a printer that has an abundance of fancy features; some people just want to print their pictures and go. The Epson Artisan 50 is just that type of simple printer that will allow for families to easily print out their photos. It can print photos in the legal size, and 8.5 x 14 and 4 x 6 sizes in as little as 11 seconds. To make the pictures as colorful as they can be, this printer utilizes six different color cartridges for the purpose.

6. HP Photosmart D110a

The opposite of the above-described printer would be the HP Photosmart D110a. This printer can do more than just print photographs with the capability to copy and scan documents as well as print photographs. This printer gives people the option to plug in a memory card for effortless printing and can create photos up to letter size. One stand-out feature on this printer is the fact that it can be connected to the Internet wirelessly.

7. Canon Pixma iP4820

Another simple printer that is ideal for family photo printing is the Canon Pixma iP4820. When all a family wants to do is print their family’s photographs, they will have made a great choice in doing it with this printer. It uses the technology of several ink cartridges, five in this case, in order to create photographs that are as colorful as they can possibly be. If a family wants to forgo storing their pictures on their computers, they will not be required to do so in order to print their pictures on this printer; it also has a USB port for digital cameras or a memory card, whichever is the family’s favorite choice.

Families have so many choices in a printer for their family photographs. They range from the highest tech to the simple, and there is a printer that will fit each family’s needs.

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