As I mentioned recently, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a class in the Web's first-ever virtual cooking school, Cooking Connections where we discussed making cooking fun and educational for your kids in the kitchen this summer!

Myself and 9 other bloggers gathered to co-host and talk about ways to engage kids in the kitchen! You can read the full summary of tips, ideas and recipes to get kids involved in meal preparation, at "Reddi" for Fun Summer Countdown!

I couldn't believe how fast the 30 minutes went, but was very pleased with how much information was shared by the hosts, co-hosts and those who attended the class. I walked away with so many wonderful ideas and tips on how to make it more educational when Kaelyn's helping me in the kitchen, and ways to get her excited about trying new foods. I especially appreciated those who shared easy summer recipes kids can help with...including the following delicious deserts which can be found on the summary of our class as well:

A Few Kid-Friendly Dessert Recipes to Try

Reddi-wip has an awesome website for easy summer dessert recipes. There, you’ll see ideas to mix IN fun – by trying Reddi-wip as an ingredient. Learn more here:

Reddi-wip is also a great way to put together an easy, healthy dessert. A bowl of sliced fresh fruit can become a dessert with a simple spritz of whipped cream.

As Cooper pointed out, Reddi-wip is great for adding sweetness to healthy desserts, because it is made with real cream, and one serving has only 15 calories. And it doesn’t use hydrogenated oil, like the other guys.

For a snack of fewer than 100 calories, try this Strawberries on a Cloud recipe – vanilla wafers with Reddi-Wip and sliced strawberries:

I thought the class was very successful and really learned a lot from the other co-hosts and attendees. It really touched on a lot of the things Mom's would find helpful when in the kitchen with their kids...including recipes, educational tips, safety, etc. You can check out the full summary of tips, ideas and recipes, here.


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