This is the time of year I enjoy browsing the candy isles in stores, seeing what new and fun treats are available with Easter just around the corner. I do my best to limit the amount of candy I buy, however, when it comes to great brands like Wonka, it's hard to resist!
Wonka is a name known in households across the country. They have recently launched some new, yummy candies for the 2011 Easter and Spring Season that you may have already seen in stores. They're super cute and colorful...perfect for this time of year!

With myself, and three others in my house who enjoy candy every once in a while...I was excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review some of Wonka's new candies! When the package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see all that was included and couldn't wait to test out everything.

We were all drawn to the bag of individually packaged SweeTARTS Jelly Beans right away. They are not only vibrant in color, but we learned quickly...they are irresistible. I love anything that comes individually wrapped like makes it easy to open and just have a few (instead of eating handful after handful).

Knowing how much we loved the SweeTARTS Jelly Beans, we couldn't wait to try the SweeTARTS Candy Carrot! Not only were the candies amazing, but the carrot is a lot of fun. The kids really thought it was neat to get candy out of this larger-than-life carrot. It makes for a special treat and would be perfect in any Easter basket.

There was also a big bag with individually packaged assorted treats...including SweeTARTS, Gobstoppers and more! My favorite have been the three packs of Gobstoppers...especially red and yummy! I love how these are the perfect size for egg-fillers.

The Wonka Springy Double Yummy Gummies were also a hit, especially with the kids. They come in natural orange, lemon and strawberry flavors and shaped like bunnies, ducks and more! The packaging is inviting and the taste is really yummy.

I will admit, that although I do like candy every once in a while...chocolate is really my weakness. I LOVE it! So, you can imagine my excitement when the package included both the Wonka Exceptionals Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Eggs and one Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate Waterfall Egg! This is probably the thing I've eaten most of. The chocolate eggs are absolutely delicious and shaped like eggs, are perfect for any Easter basket or to eat just because. These two varieties are made with rich and decadent Wonka chocolates. I loved the creamy milk chocolate with toffee, crispy cookie and crunchy peanuts in the one, but the swirled milk and white chocolate of the Waterfall Eggs was also delicious!

I have been more than impressed with Wonka's new, yummy candies! As I walk through the isles at Walmart, you can be sure I'll be picking up more...especially of the SweeTARTS and Chocolate Eggs! As you're checking out all the yummy Easter candy this year, be sure to look for Wonka's new candies and try them out!

**The products for this review were provided for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way**


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