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Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Although the temperatures do not quite feel like Spring yet, the rainy weather certainly does. I don't mind the rain, except for the fact that it usually keeps the kids and I cooped up inside. We've been coming up with a lot of fun activities and things to do together indoors, and one of our favorite things is to read books. My kids love to sit down with a book by themselves or have it read to them. I'm the same way. I enjoy curling up in my warm blanket and reading a good book as well. That's why I have been especially interested in getting a wireless reading device of some sort. I am torn between the NOOK and the Kindle. Any Suggestions??? I would love to hear any experiences you have with either of these products.

I have been browsing around online learning more about each one, where I can get the best deal and where accessories are sold. As always, I will definitely be visiting Coupon Trunk and their amazing selection of coupons and deals once I'm ready to buy. I have turned to them several times when I'm looking for coupon codes. Whether it be for baby gear, home decor, electronics, or something else...they serve as a very valuable resource to people who shop online like myself. And, offering great discounts for popular stores like and Walmart, I'm sure to get the best deal on which ever eReader and accessories I decide to go with. No matter what you're shopping for online, I would recommend checking out Coupon Trunk if you haven't before. You'll be able to shop from the comfort of your own home and save money at the same time!

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