As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes and Bill Nye the Science Guy have teamed up to teach children about the importance of clean, germ free hands. This is the time of year when many of us deal with colds and/or the flu, which is why it's even more important that we help prevent the spread of germs and teach our kids about the importance of washing our hands.

At 3 years old, Kaelyn knows to wash her hands, but having the opportunity to do four fun germ experiments with her, all designed by Bill Nye the Science Guy, has helped her actually see why it's so important. We were sent a Wet Ones Healthy Hands Zone kit with all the necessary supplies to conduct these of which I've already shared with you....Germs Get Around.

With the first experiment, we discussed how germs get around...and this time we talked about how quickly they multiply. Because germs aren't something we see, sometimes it takes a little reminder of how quickly they multiply to help us see why washing our hands frequently is so important. The Germs Multiply Quickly experiment was a simple one, but as with the very important. The fact that it was hands-on was great for Kaelyn..and although she is just 3...we have talked about this experiment and the importance of washing our hands many times since.

The Germs Multiply Quickly experiment designed by Bill Nye the Science Guy required the use of a sheet of paper, pencil with eraser, and ink pad. We began by folding the paper in half three times so that we had eight spaces.

As you'll see in the following short clip of us doing the touching the pencil eraser to the ink pad and then to the first square in the paper making one dot (and doubling the amount of "germ dots" in every square after that), it showed us just how quickly germs can multiply if we think of these little dots as being germs on our hands. Ick!

What this experiment shows is that it doesn't take long for germs to spread and multiply, which is why it's crucial to keep hands clean. By the end we had 128 "germ dots" on the paper. Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, but that's not always possible. When you're on the go and can't wash your hands in a sink, Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes can help wipe grime and dirt away while killing 99.99% of germs. Available in larger canisters, they are perfect for home or on the go. The handy packets are great for a diaper bag or purse. Between the both, there's no reason we can't keep our hands clean no matter where we're at.

For more information about fight germs and Wet Ones Antibacterial sure to visit the Wet Ones Healthy Hands Zone. It's full of great information and video demos of the germ experiments by Bill Nye. I've enjoyed browsing around and have really learned a lot. It's easy to navigate a site I'd recommend to anyone with children.

Be sure to check back, as I'll be posting about the other two experiments and how they went very soon.

**Energizer Personal Care provided the supplies and Flip UltraHD video camera for this review at no cost to me. This review is not being administered or sponsored in any way by Playtex or its affiliates, but solely by A Mom's Balancing Act. Any questions or comments regarding this review must be sent o me at A Mom's Balancing Act and not to Energizer Personal Care.**


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