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Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As Christmas draws near, we have more and more family members asking us what toys the kids would like as a gift. When I think about the ones they seem to enjoy the most, classic brands like Playskool and Tonka come to mind first. Thankfully I know I can always count on Hasbro to offer such amazing brands such as these, which is why I often recommend looking at their amazing selection of toys to anyone who asks.

Hasbro is a company trusted by families for generations. They are known best for some of the most well-known toys and games available on the market today. What I love is that they continue to keep the traditional toys like Mr. Potato Head and My Little Pony, but update them in new ways to suit the interests of our them toys they can play with for hours on end.

We have owned several of their products over the years and are always impressed with the quality and fun they provide. That's why I was excited to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review the My Little Pony Remote Control Rainbow Dash Plane and Tonka Chuck & Friends Rumblin' Chuck.

When the toys arrived, Kaelyn spotted the My Little Pony Remote Control Rainbow Dash Plane right away. She was familiar with My Little Pony from a toy she already had, so this peeked her interest even more.

As I pulled everything out of the box, I couldn't help but reminisce about the days I used to play with My Little Pony as a child. What a fun toy for young children. It included a RC Rainbow Dash Plane vehicle w/remote control and Rainbow Dash Pony.

Three AA batteries (not included) are required, so that's the first thing we did. Once My Little Pony RC Rainbow Dash's Plane was ready to go, we checked out the remote. It's not only the perfect size for little hands, but it is also very simple to use! Kaelyn has had no problem figuring it out and using it once we showed her how. There are three easy to use buttons which allow her to control where the plane is headed. One button sends the plane forward, one button sends it twirling around, and the other can be pushed for fun airplane sounds.

The following is a really quick clip of the toy in use:

Kaelyn absolutely loves it! She enjoys playing with Rainbow Dash Pony in the plane, as well as separate from it.

The Tonka Chuck & Friends Rumblin' Chuck is a toy both Kaden and Kaelyn were drawn to right away. I have to admit that even I was intrigued. It was surprisingly larger than I expected which was great!

We've had a lot of fun testing out Rumblin' Chuck and checking out all his amazing features. With over 50 phrases and sounds, this little friends has lots to say and share with children. He pops wheelies, shakes, turns and loves to talk. The first time the kids heard him, they sat there in awe watching and listening. Kaden gets the biggest smile on his face and starts bouncing with excitement.

Here's a quick clip showing a few of the many things this fun dump truck does...

Aside from the many phrases and things he does, Rumblin' Chuck is also a very fun dump truck. Even when switched off...both kids love to place toys in the back and roll him around the house. It also comes with a cute story book too.

Overall we've been very impressed with the quality and fun Rumblin' Chuck and My Little Pony have provided for the kids (as well as us adults)! I would definitely recommend these toys to families with young children and think they would make great gifts this Christmas. Whether you're looking for boys or girls, Hasbro Toys has a full range of toys available suited for children of all ages! Head over to Thanks, Mail Carrier and check out her great review of Rumblin' Chuck and the Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Tails Center Playset!

Buy It: You can purchase the My Little Pony Remote Control Rainbow Dash Plane for $22.99 and Tonka Chuck & Friends Rumblin' Chuck for $39.99.

**The products for this review were provided for free by Hasbro. All opinions found here are my own and were not influenced in any way. The opinions of others may differ from my own.**

  1. Jackie November 30, 2010 at 10:25 PM  

    My daughters are teens now. I miss those days of Christmas shopping at Toys R Us. My daughter loved My Little Pony when she was little.

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