The Top Twenty Tips for New and Expecting Moms!

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back in September I had the pleasure of co-hosting a live chat along with a number of amazing mom bloggers, thanks to Philips AVENT and TheMotherhood. You may remember me mentioning the chat called The Gift of Advice for Expecting Moms & New Moms?! It was a fun time sharing tips and words of wisdom that each of us have learned through pregnancy and becoming a new mom. What a great way to guide women through the joyful and exciting process of becoming a mom for the first time! I really enjoyed reading everyone else's experiences and advice.

After the chat, a list of The Top Twenty Tips for New and Expecting Moms was compiled. I wanted to be sure to share them, as I thought many new moms would find it to be very helpful.

1. Keep a journal or take weekly photos to capture the magical moments of your pregnancy. Philips AVENT is launching a Facebook application soon that will help you do this – stay tuned!
2. Take naps, rest, and be OK with the fact that you might not be able to do as much as you normally would.
3. If this is your second pregnancy, know that it might not be the same as your first. Every pregnancy is unique!
4. Make a list and pack a bag for the hospital. Don’t forget less obvious items like a phone list of people you want to notify when the baby is born, change for the vending machines and baby’s first outfit!
5. Buy a baby memory book and ask the nurse at the hospital to put your newborn’s footprints and hospital bracelet in the book.

Preparing for Baby’s Arrival
6. Take a mom with you when you register for baby items so you know you’re requesting items you’ll really use, like baby bottles and pacifiers.
7. Make and freeze meals for yourself and your family before you’re due to give birth.
8. Put a small refrigerator in your bedroom and fill it with milk, snacks and water so you’ll have those items close at hand once your baby has arrived.
9. Stock up on diapers – you’ll need lots – as you won’t always have the energy to get more later on. You can spread out the cost by buying one package of diapers for each trip to the grocery store.
10. Look into local mom groups ahead of time – they can be a great source of advice, support, and even meals!

Caring for Your Newborn
11. You can NEVER love your baby too much! It’s okay to give him or her lots of affection.
12. Ask family and friends for recommendations on finding the right pediatrician shortly after your baby is born. A good pediatrician is like a parenting partner.
13. Read your baby, not the books. Trust your instincts and focus on your child’s needs.
14. When you need to put your baby down somewhere, put him/her on the floor. He/she can’t fall off the floor.
15. Don’t take on the entire process of caring for your child. Relinquish control once in a while, and let your partner help you.

Caring for Yourself
16. Be clear about visitation parameters. Everyone will want to see you and the new baby, but you need time to rest.
17. If you need something, ask for it! You aren’t superhuman, and people want to help.
18. Take a little guilt-free “me” time for yourself every day.
19. If someone asks how they can help you, ask them to bring food. The more meals you have stocked in the freezer, the less time and energy you have to spend making dinner.
20. Let go of perfection. When your baby is sleeping, you should sleep too – don’t use the time to clean the house or run errands.

Do you have any other tips or advice for expecting moms and new moms? If so, we'd love to hear them!


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