Little Wonder Company Unique Personalized Children's Book Review

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kaelyn has had a love for reading from the time she was very young. We often find ourselves replacing names in books with hers and this seems to spark her interest for the story even more! After all, who doesn't love seeing and hearing their name in a story, right?! That's why personalized children's books are always a favorite around here. Illustrations are what really bring a story to life though. Being able to see a character that resembled her in the stories we read would make personalized books even more meaningful to her. That why I love Little Wonder Company!

Once Leslie Sell became a mom, she wanted to do something different...something more fulfilling and flexible than the advertising and marketing work she had been doing. One night as she was telling her children a bedtime story about themselves, it all dawned on her...'What if we could take those personalized oral stories and turn them into personalized storybooks? Where the stories that we only imagine in our heads could become real on the pages of a beautiful book! Where kids could literally see themselves in the pages of each adventure. Where that wonder and joy could be relived every time the child opened the book!'. And so, the idea for Little Wonder Company was born.

I am always on the lookout for ways to encourage Kaelyn's love for reading and personalized children's gifts, which is why I was thrilled to learn that we were going to have the opportunity to review the Little Girl Wonder book from Little Wonder Company.

About the story:
Little Girl Wonder is about a little girl who steps into the land where her favorite super hero lives! She realizes quickly that she actually is this super hero, Little Girl Wonder, and she is being relied upon to save the kids of Sunny Valley! It's the perfect story for any little girl who likes to make believe! Best suited for girls, ages 3-8.

So that I could get the full experience, I was asked to create a character and go through the checkout process for the book we would receive. I was actually very happy to have been given this opportunity, as I can now tell you that it couldn't have been easier! I simply went through the Character Creator (where I could choose different physical characteristics like skin tone, eye color, hair style, etc) and created a character that most resembled Kaelyn, saved it and checked out.

When the book arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality. I was happy to see that even the soft cover was thick and not something that would bend really easily. Kaelyn's very good with her books and I see this lasting us a long time!

Of course, I couldn't wait to read it to Kaelyn and and see her reaction to not only having it personalized with her name, but also a character that resembled her. As I began reading, I could already see that she was tickled. She said, 'There's my name, mommy'. And, when she saw the little girl in the story, she commented on her brown eyes and brown hair and said, 'We match' (she's big into finding things that are the same these days so I thought that was neat).

Beautiful, colorful illustrations
An example of one of the pages with Kaelyn's name on it
Seeing and hearing her name in the story has made it so much fun for her, but actually being a part of the story and literally seeing herself on each page of this adventure brought it to a whole new level. What a perfect way to encourage her love for learning and reading! It's a story she asks us to read to her daily (multiple times usually) and I love that! Just yesterday I found her sitting on the couch reading her story and she said, 'Look Mommy, I'm holding my babies' as she read this page.

That showed me that the story had been taken from an imaginary level, to one that was meaningful and real to her. One she actually felt a part of.

We are very happy with the Little Girl Wonder personalized children's book from Little Wonder Company. The pictures are bright and capture little one's attention, while sparking their interest with the fun and adventurous storyline and of course, the personalization with their name and custom character. It is no surprise to me that these unique personalized storybooks were honored with the 2010 Kid Product of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine!! They're one-of-a-kind, customized children's books that can be enjoyed for years to come.

If you have a boy, there is also a Little Boy Lightning personalized story similar to the story of Little Girl Wonder. I'd love to get this for Kaden when he's a little older.

This adventure revolves around a little boy who steps through his mirror and toward a voice only to find himself in the land of his favorite super hero, Little Boy Lightning. Like in Little Girl Wonder, he is called upon to save the day and keep his new friends safe from the likes of a fire-breathing dragon, a larger than life rattlesnake and a hungry growling bear! This is a perfect story for a little boy who likes to be the hero of the day! Best suited for boys, ages 3-8.

If you're looking for a special personalized children's gift, I would highly recommend checking into Little Wonder Company. Their custom books for boys and custom books for girls are one-of-a-kind, high quality, and sure to bring much joy for years to come.

Buy It:
You can purchase Little Girl Wonder and Little Boy Lightning in soft cover, hard cover, and digital download at They also have gift certificates available as well.

You can connect with Little Wonder Company on Twitter and Facebook.

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    These are such amazing books. My kids love them. Thanks for the recommendation.

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