Over the past year, Dora the Explorer is a name we hear a lot around our house. Kaelyn absolutely loves to watch Dora on TV and enjoys any piece of clothing or toy that has her on it. I have to admit, even as an adult, I too enjoy watching Dora the Explorer with her. It's fun, interactive, educational and interesting....one of those shows I can let her watch without worrying what she might pick up from it. That's why I was excited when I learned that we were going to have the opportunity to review the Dora the Explorer: Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure DVD which came out just this week!

When it arrived, Kaelyn spotted it right away and wanted to watch it as soon as she had time. We sat down together and both really enjoyed it. With Christmas drawing near, this was a fun DVD watch. The DVD is filled with original songs and exclusive extra scenes. When Swiper tries to swipe the Christmas Star from Dora's Nochebuena Party, he lands on Santa's naughty list. To get back on the nice list, Dora has to help him travel to the past, the present and the future to discover the true spirit of Christmas. Kaelyn was clued to the show the entire time, and had fun interacting with Dora as she always does.

From the Press Release:
Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure Fast Facts:
Street Date: October 5, 2010
DVD SRP: $19.99
DVD Running Time: Approximately 52 minutes

DVD Bonus Features:
· Music Video: “Jingle Bells”
· Music Video: “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
· Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Young People’s Chorus

If you have someone who loves Dora too, this would be a great DVD to add to your collection!

Dora's Christmas CD includes 16 holiday songs. The disc features classic carols with a Latin twist...all of which are very catchy and fun! I know it's not Christmas time yet, but we've had so much fun listening to this great, kid-friendly CD.

1. Deck the Halls
2. Sleigh Ride (with Dora and You)
3. A Holly Jolly Christmas
4. Feliz Navidad
5. Here Comes Santa Clause
6. Jingle Bells
7. Santa Claus Is Coming Aquil
8. We wish You a Merry Christmas
9. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Bonus Tracks From Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure
10. Dora the Explorer Christmas Theme
11. Nochebuena
12. No swiping on Christmas
13. Shake Shake Shake
14. Wiggle Wiggle
15. Funny Bunny
16. Recoge

**The product for this review was provided for free. All opinions found here are my own and may differ from those of others.**


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