As Kaelyn gets older, she enjoys television shows that allow her to interact with the character. That's why Dora The Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! are probably at the top of her list. It's neat to watch her get involved with the adventures these cartoon characters go on, and learn while she's having fun. She doesn't get to watch a lot of television, but when she does, these are the types of shows I'm happy to let her watch.

When I learned that we were going to have the opportunity to review Go, Diego, Go!: Diego's Ultimate Rescue League, I had a feeling it would be something Kaelyn would love. I was right! She loved helping Diego and his friends save animals around the world on the three episodes included on this DVD. Kaelyn loves animals, so that was definitely something that helped hold her attention throughout this action-packed DVD.

From the Press Release: Diego and his friends test their rescuing skills as they travel underwater and up tall mountains to save animals in the three new-to-DVD episodes featured on Go, Diego, Go!: Diego’s Ultimate Rescue League. In these action-packed expeditions around the world, preschoolers can join the Animal Rescue League as they help Diego and his friends undergo a test to earn a World Rescuers’ patch; help Bottlenose become an ocean animal rescuer by saving the ocean animals from a tsunami-like wave and a devastating oil spill; and climb a treacherous mountain to reunite Prince Vicuña with his parents. The DVD includes the double-length Ultimate Rescue League episode, in addition to two more action-packed Diego episodes.

Episode Synopses:

  • Diego's International Rescue League - A team of world rescuers will earn their World Rescuer's patch. The team includes Juma (the African desert expert), Shanti (the Indian forest expert), Burgin (an expert diver and surfer from Borneo), Yang (a panda rescuer who can climb up the tallest and most reacherous mountains of China), and team captain Diego. The team races against the clock to identify and return five mystery animal eggs to their habitats.
  • Ocean Animal Rescuer - Bottlenose wants to become an ocean animal rescuer just like Diego and Baby Humpback Whale. Bottlenose must swim fast and rescue the baby sea turtles from a giant wave that could devastate the population. Then Diego, Baby Humpback, and Bottlenose must work together to rescue the ocean animals from a dangerous oil-spill before it gets too close to their natural habitats.
  • Diego Rescues Prince Vicuña - Prince Vicuña embarked on an extensive exploration and has yet to return to his parents, the King and Queen, who long for their lost son. Diego and Messenger Vicuña are quick to develop a plan of action. Diego and Messenger Vicuña run into some trouble as they realize the Prince is over the mountain, near Puma Pass. Diego decides to use a special climbing hook and rope to climb up the mountain toward Puma Pass to rescue the Prince. After a successful rescue, we take the Prince back to Vicuña Valley, and reunite him with his joyful parents.
Go, Diego, Go!: Diego's Ultimate Rescue League was created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment. It will be available on DVD August 31, 2010 for a suggested retail price of $16.99.

**The product for this review was provided at no cost. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. The opinions of others may differ from my own**

  1. Xenia August 29, 2010 at 2:57 PM  

    We haven't gotten too into Diego around here for some reason, but this sounds like a cute DVD!

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