Back-to-School Savings With Coupon Trunk

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As I walk through the isles of stores and see everyone back-to-school shopping, I am faced with the reality that soon, that will be us. Kaelyn loves to 'play school' and talks about how excited she is to go in just a couple of short years. I have to admit, it's bittersweet for me! I love watching her grow and learn new things...but at the same time, wish that time would slow down a bit so I could enjoy my babies longer.

She loves to learn and enjoys the little activities we do together. Whether it be art, cooking, or something else...she's all about trying new things. Although we're not yet 'back to school shopping', I do like to take advantage of the great back to school sales to stock up on supplies for the fun activities we do together throughout the year.

I am always looking for the best deals, and found the easiest way to do this is by shopping online from the comfort of my own home. I don't have to fight the crowds of parents shopping for their kids' school supplies and am able to do it whenever I have time. Using Coupon Trunk has allowed me to save a lot of money on all kinds of purchases. Finding school supplies is no different! They provide coupon codes and discount offers available from a variety of trusted merchants. I've used similar sites in the past, but get frustrated with finding expired codes and deals. I love that Coupon Trunk updates their deals daily to ensure that I am getting the most current and best deals when I need them.

Whether you're looking for crayons, paper and glue from Discount School Supply or new school shoes from ShoeMall...Coupon Trunk has coupon codes and deals on almost anything you could need as the school year begins. I have found shopping to be much more enjoyable now that I can find all of these discounts in one place. I appreciate how easy their site is to use's absolutely perfect for busy moms like myself!

If you're still doing your back-to-school shopping and want to find the best deals without having to fight the crowds, you may want to check out this great resource.

**This post was sponsored by Coupon Trunk, however all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. The opinions and experiences of others may differ from my own**

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