Celebrating Moms Event: CEIVA Digital Photo Frames Review

Posted by Jenna | Friday, April 09, 2010

Between busy schedules, children, and distance....we have found that we spend much less time with our parents than we used to. Although we don't see them as much as we would like, it's still important to us that they are involved in our lives as much as possible and current on what we, and our kids, are up to. I'm not always the best to get pictures printed, ok, that's an understatement...I'm terrible at it, so we needed a convenient way to get pictures to them on a regular basis. That's why I'm so thankful to have come across CEIVA and their Digital Connected Photo Frames!

Thanks to CEIVA, just because we can't physically be with family as much as we would like, doesn't mean they have to miss out on cherished moments. They offer connected frames that receive photos sent directly to them. It's easy to send to one person, or multiple people, with the click of a button! And, the best part...a computer isn't even necessary. The frames can be used via Wi-Fi if there is Internet service, but can also be used with a standard telephone line! Photos can be sent by camera phone, Facebook, Picasa, Ceiva.com and more.

I was very excited when I learned that we were going to have the opportunity to review not just one, but two CEIVA Digital Photo Frames to get the full experience these unique frames offer. We were sent the CEIVA Pro 80 Photo Frame and the CEIVAshare Photo Frame (one to keep and the other to give to a family member).

My first impression of each frame was how attractive they are. I'm somewhat picky about the decor in my home, but CEIVA makes their frames so appealing that they will fit into any home. We kept the CEIVA Pro 80 which also has a brown face plate that can be used if you'd prefer it over the black.

The CEIVAshare, which we gave to my parents, is also very nice and looks great sitting on their mantel!

I was very curious to see what made these frames different from others I've seen and learned very quickly as I started the registration process on CEIVA.com. The difference is that CEIVA's frames are much more than digital photo frames. They offer a unique photo sharing experience thanks to their unique and exclusive PicturePlan that comes bundled with each frame. Having the ability to connect and share has set them apart from the other frames available on the market today! Other features include photo customization, gallery cards, free CEIVA Channels like Flower a Day and more!

CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Photo Frame: Offers built-in Media Server connectivity to let you stream photos instantly from your computer over your home network. You can also connect at the speed of Wi-Fi (included) or optional broadband for fast access to new slideshows sent directly from friends and family located anywhere across the world. Also featuring a high-res 8" display, memory card reader, Wi-Fi adapter, intuitive on-screen menus and interchangeable faceplates to suit any home or office setting, the CEIVA Pro 80 is far different from any ordinary digital photo frame.
  • Phone and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Media Server connectivity
  • Built-in memory card reader
  • Interchangeable black and wood-finish faceplates
  • Easy-to-use on screen menu
  • Perfect photo display (no stretching, cropping or squishing)
  • Ability to share photos with family and friends quickly and easily
CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frame: Connecting by an existing phone line or optional Wi-Fi, CEIVAshare quickly brings your cherished photos to life in an easy, plug-and-play way. Even the most technically challenged person can receive photos sent directly to the frame without having to do a thing. CEIVAshare's traditional look is ideal for anyone desiring a timeless frame to showcase a lifetime of treasured memories.
  • No PC or Internet required
  • 6-button remote
  • Perfect Photo Display (no stretching, cropping or squishing)
  • Ability to share photos with family and friends quickly and easily
Registering each frame couldn't have been easier. There were simple instructions included which made getting them up and running a piece of cake! Once each frame was set up, and my parents had theirs...we were ready for the CEIVA experience. Activating the PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service was also very easy. Using their user-friendly website we then began uploading pictures and sharing between our frames. Pictures are automatically added to an incoming photos queue and downloaded to your frame either manually using the connection wizard in the menu, or automatically every night. The CEIVA Pro 80 can receive up to 60 photos a day, and the CEIVAshare can recieve 40 a day. I have to add that the pictures are very crisp and not distorted in any way! LOVE IT!

I really like the CEIVA Pro 80 that we have. The buttons are right on the front of the frame which makes it super easy to navigate through the pictures and menu. My parents like their CEIVAShare frame as well. Theirs has a remote control instead of buttons right on the frame. They have found that the remote is rather touchy and needs to be pointing in the exact same spot every time for it to work. As they use it more and more, it gets easier.


CEIVA Pro 80 buttons on frame
CEIVAshare remote (which can be stored in the back when not in use)
I could go on and on about how great these frames are and the many features which set them apart from other digital photo frames. I just love being able to stay connected with family and feel like we're with each other through pictures, even when we're miles apart. What's great, is that mine are not the only pictures my parents can receive and vice versa. Guests can be invited so that they can send pictures to your frame as well! That means we can get pictures from all of our family members!

Each day I learn something new about the CEIVA Connected Frames, and each day I grow to love them more! I appreciate the fact that CEIVA offers full-time U.S. based Customer Care to all its customers. Having now had the chance to use the frames and experience the sharing process first hand, I can see that they would make a terrific Mother's Day gift! What mom, grandmother, aunt, etc. wouldn't love to have current pictures shared with her in such a convenient and easy way?! Pictures are a way to make memories last...and now Mom can cherish them forever!

CEIVA couldn't agree more, and that's why they recently announced their "gem of a photo contest" in honor of Mother's Day!

From the Press Release:
Beginning April 1, contestants are invited to enter CEIVA’S “Bedazzle Your Mom Photo Contest” by emailing that one “gem” photo they know would touch their Mom’s heart on Mother’s Day to www.ceiva.com/mom. One lucky winner will take away the Grand Prize of a limited edition silver-finished CEIVA Pro 80 - bedazzled in beautiful Swarovski Crystals- with a one year PicturePlan, PLUS $1000 in Airline tickets to hand deliver the special gift and surprise Mom! In addition to the Grand Prize offer, first place will receive a CEIVA Pro 80 Family Pack (three frames and three one-year PicturePlans), second place will receive a CEIVA Pro 80 Twin Pack (two frames and two one –year PicturePlans), and third place will receive one CEIVA Pro 80 and a one-year PicturePlan.

I am very happy to have been introduced to CEIVA and their wonderful connected digital photo frames. They are unlike any other digital frame I've ever seen or used, and will now allow for my family to stay up to date on what everyone is up to. It's especially great for my parents, as they can feel like they are there with the Grandkids even when they can't be. I would highly recommend CEIVA digital photo frames to anyone I know. What a fantastic way to connect families and share those special moments in life.

Stay tuned!! There will still be a CEIVA Giveaway coming during my Celebrating Moms event...giving one lucky reader the chance to win a fantastic prize pack of their own!

Buy It: For a limited time only in honor of Mother's Day, customers can take advantage of CEIVA's 'Bedazzle Your Mom with Photos' special offer connected photo frames. Complete with a free CEIVA 'Dazzle Crystal Kit', the CEIVA Pro 80 Starter Pack with a one-year PicturePlan is now priced at $147.99 and avaiable beginning March 15, 2010 at Ceiva.com. The CEIVAshare Starter Pack with a one-year PicturePlan is now priced at $129.99 for Mother's Day. To purchase, visit CEIVA.

**The products for this review were provided by CEIVA. This was not a paid post and my honest opinions have been given.**

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