Zooper Tango Double Stroller Review

Posted by Jenna | Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whether we're going for a walk or are out shopping, a double stroller is something we have found to be a must with two young children. When it comes to strollers, I want something that not only meets our needs, but one that will last us a very long time. That's why I was very excited when I came across Zooper and their line of amazing strollers!

Dedicated to improving baby products for busy moms, Mr. Red Lan and his partner put their innovative ideas together and started a company parents have come to love and trust. Since establishing the Zooper brand in the US 11 years ago, Zooper has become known for things like safety, convenient features, reasonable prices, innovative products and so much more! With the core philosophy of putting more into each and every product they make, Zooper makes sure baby's needs are put first, products are convenient for parents, and customers get more for their money.

Zooper sent us their Tango double stroller in the Red Waves color/fabric.

Having read about this particular stroller on their website, I was looking forward to receiving it in the mail and testing it out with the kids. I knew that it offered many of the features I wanted, but had no idea it would far surpass any of the expecations I had.

When it arrived, I was amazed at how easy it was to put together. Much of it was already assembled which I really appreciated! Along with the stroller came a cup holder, sleeping bag, and rain cover...all of which were fantastic quality. I'd love to have a second sleeping bag at some point, as the weather here in the midwest can be quite unpredictable. We've already used it once with Kaden and love it! Here is a picture of the Zooper Tango accessories.

As soon as the stroller was put together I could tell there were going to be many things I liked about it! My immediate impression was what a nice size it is. I've seen and used some strollers that are far too wide for every day use. At 30 inches wide, the Zooper on the other hand, makes it easy to take into stores and other places we go. It's not the easiest to get through clothing racks and other tight spaces, but that's the case with most double strollers. It's narrow enough to fit through most standard size doors, yet wide enough to allow for both our kids to be comfortable and have plenty of space to ride.

Another great thing about this stroller is that the minute you see it, you know it's well-made. Quality is very important when it comes to something like a stroller that will be used often. Not only does it have extra strong die cast front wheel housings and front latch frame lock, but it also has a high strength aluminum frame design and material that is durable and easy to clean!

With any stroller I use, I want to make sure that it's able to accomodate my children at all ages. This means from the time they're very small. To be suitable for a newborn, a stroller must accommodate most infant carriers and/or recline to a flat position. In this case, the Zooper Tango offers both! By the time we received the stroller, Kaden was already out of his infant carrier, however I'm very glad it offers this feature for future children. I love that it reclines to a flat position, as this makes it much easier for him to ride in. He's getting better at holding up his head now, but even for naps this is a great feature for both kids! In fact, each seat not only reclnies independently, but actually has a 4-position seat recline and is super easy to do with the convenient one hand backrest recline.

One hand backrest recline

The canopies on this stroller are like nothing I've ever seen before. They are amazing! If you're looking for something that gives shade and coverage when needed, the Zooper Tango is for you. There are individual napper canopies with a sun visor, viewing window and storage pocket. There's even a zip-off hot weather ventilation canopy for those summer days.

Ventilation Canopy
Storage Pocket
The storage on this thing is amazing too! I was shocked to see the storage basket under the seats. We took this with us shopping one day and put the diaper bag as well as many of the shopping bags in it without a problem. It was the perfect way to keep all of our things in one place. Due to cold weather, we haven't been able to take this stroller to the park yet, but I can see the storage basket coming in handy when we do to house the diaper bag, sippy cups, snacks, etc.

Other features I like:
  • one step rear link break
  • front and rear wheel suspension
  • removable front arm rests
  • quick release front wheels with one touch auto swivel lock
  • auto frame lock
  • individual adjustable legrest
  • 5 point adjustable safety harness with toddler and infant settings
As I said, the Zooper Tango is extremely easy to open and fold. I was impressed with how compact it was when folded. It is large, but still fits in the back end of our Ford Escape. It takes up a lot of room back there, but it was still much smaller than I expected it to be for a double stroller.

Overall, we really love the Zooper Tango double stroller. It's perfect for our needs. I can see us using this when shopping, going for walks, the zoo...you name it. The quality is great, it's made to keep my kids safe and comfortable, and all of the features really make it a very convenient for parents as well. You can definitely tell that Zooper had both baby and mom in mind when designing this stroller. It's definitely one I'd recommend to other parents looking for a double stroller.

Buy It: You can purchase the Zooper Tango double stroller at a number of stores and online sites.

**The product reviewed was provided at no cost by Zooper. This was not a paid post and my honest opinions were given.**

  1. one frugal lady March 17, 2010 at 6:37 PM  

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I have been searching for a great double stroller!

  2. Bumbleride Stroller April 29, 2010 at 2:06 PM  

    awesome review. lots of great pictures. nice brand, great color and awesome features

  3. Anonymous July 13, 2010 at 9:43 AM  

    Does it bother you and/or your older child that there is no snack tray and cup holder? Thank you!

  4. Anonymous July 9, 2012 at 12:03 PM  

    Good stroller if you don't go over curbs and don't turn....I give it an F

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