St. Patrick's Day Sales - Needing A New Camera

Posted by Jenna | Sunday, March 14, 2010

One thing I love about this time of year are all the sales! Whether I'm shopping online, or in the stores I have found some great deals over the past couple of weeks. I had never really paid much attention, but it's amazing just how many stores have St. Patrick's Day Sales! I am usually on the lookout for great Spring sales, but little did I know that the holiday sales in the beginning of March are even better!

With all the sales around, we recently began looking for a simple digital camera. We already have quite a nice one, but it's a little on the big side and I don't want to lug it around everywhere we go. I'm looking for something that is smaller, lightweight, but still takes descent pictures. It's something I would take with us to the park, the zoo...things like that. Having kids I've found I want a camera with me wherever we go, but it doesn't need to be our big, expensive one all the time.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I look for the best deal whenever I shop...especially when it's for larger items like a camera. I prefer to shop online for things like this because I can use coupon codes which as a whole have really saved me a lot of money in the past. I have mentioned Coupon Trunk before and the fact that they are one of the sites I use most when it comes to finding the best deals and coupons online. Whether it's deals on home items, something for the kids, etc...they are a a very valuable resource to many online shoppers like myself! Thankfully, I found some great St. Patrick's Day Sales at, and with the help of Coupon Trunk am going to get an even better deal on a camera. It hasn't been purchased quite yet, as my hubby is one who likes to shop around before making a decision, but I have a feeling after he looks into a couple of other stores and the coupons and discounts available, like Best Buy and Walmart, that we'll be able to find the best camera at the lowest price.

If you're like me and enjoy doing much of your shopping online, you may want to check out Coupon Trunk for the best deals and coupons too! I found this site to be extremely helpful in saving money, especially while going through the process of shopping for a new camera lately.

** This was a paid review, however, my honest opinions were given and were not influenced in any way by monetary means.**

  1. Kelly's Lucky You March 15, 2010 at 6:56 AM  

    I'm looking for a camera too....please post what you end up deciding on, okay? I carry mine everywhere and use it constantly (yes, my family is annoyed but tolerant). It's not that old but is beat up and I'm not happy with the low light picture quality.

    Thanks for the tip about Coupon Trunk.

  2. Madonna March 15, 2010 at 7:33 AM  

    I also need a new camera. I had an olympus 710 and loved it. It took awesome pictures but then it messed up and when googling on how to fix it I discovered that it was a frequent problem and could only be fixed by sending to the company and paying about $150. Shoot, I can get a new camera for that price.

  3. Jenna March 15, 2010 at 11:03 AM  

    We were actually considering the Olympus Stylus 750 on the because of their great deals going on right now...however, I now see it's unavailable and after hearing the problems you had Madonna...with your Olympus, I'm wondering if we should keep looking. I can easily buy a new camera for that price. I will try to post once we decide. Hopefully we'll find something lightweight, but good quality!

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