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Posted by Jenna | Monday, March 22, 2010

Before I became a parent I had NO idea how quickly the toys would accumulate. It began in the living room, then into our kids' rooms...then toys/gear began to take over much of our home. Just this reason alone was enough for me to want a playroom/space just for the kids and their things. So, after Kaelyn was a little older, hubby finished our basement and created a play area. I wanted it to be a fun, kid friendly space, one that they would enjoy playing in. We decided to paint it a bright yellow and put most of her toys (and now Kaden's toys too) in this space. It's been wonderful!

Although it's pretty much finished, I still enjoy picking up things here and there to give it that 'fun' look. Recently I finished up the wall decor, leaving me one job left to do....look for a play area rug. Rugs always add so much character to a room, so I decided to look for something colorful and comfortable for their play area. Having had such great experiences with shopping at CSN Stores in the past, I thought I'd check out CSN Rugs and their kids and play area rugs.

One of my favorites is their Sunny Day Learn & Play Oval Rug. It would look great in our playroom, and best of would add more comfort than the firm carpet we have in there now. When I was teaching preschool, this was the rug I had in my classroom. It was extremely high quality and cleaned up great...two things that are a MUST for any rug I buy for my home...especially in a high traffic play area. I'm still checking out the other rugs they have to offer (there are a lot of really cute ones), but so far this one is top on my list. What do you think?!

** This was a paid review, however, my honest opinions were given and were not influenced in any way by monetary means.**

  1. Xenia March 22, 2010 at 7:51 PM  

    Very cute! There's a rug like this at one of the libraries we visit and my 3-year-old loves naming off the letters while walking around and around the edge. :)

  2. pankaj April 8, 2010 at 7:16 AM  

    Thanks for the post.

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