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Posted by Jenna | Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking a toddler and a two month old out in the middle of winter to shop isn't ideal, or fun! That's why shopping online has become a common occurrence for me, and one I quite enjoy. It's easy, fast and convenient...what more could a busy mom ask for?!

I am always thrilled to find sites which offer a variety of items, helping me to locate the items I need all in one place. I have found that browsing several websites is just not something I have time for. That's why I was thankful to have come across ShopNBC and the selection of products they offer.

For quite some time now, my husband has been looking for a nice watch. He now has a job where he's interacting with clients and enjoys looking his best...this includes accessories. I've done a lot of looking for him, and both he and I are most impressed with Invicta Watches. They are stylish, masculine and would go well with the apparel he wears to work. He also likes the Movado Watches, but after discussing it more...we decided that they were a bit too dressy for his needs. I do think a Movado Watch would be great for other occasions though. He may just have to get two!

I have appreciated how easy it's been to search for the right watch using ShopNBC and can see us using it much more in the future. I'm thankful for a site like this that makes shopping easy and fun!


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