After becoming a mom, I now not only put far more time into choosing the cleaners I use in my home to ensure that my family is safe from nasty chemicals and toxins...but also look for cleaning options that make life a little easier. As a busy mom, I find that every minute saved leaves me more time to spend with my kids and husband.

I was recently given the opportunity to review The Ultimate Cloth.

I was very excited to use it, as it was hard to believe that with just water so many surfaces in my home could be cleaned without leaving residue and streaks. Could it really cut cleaning time in half and do the job of the expensive cleaners I use now?? Well...after having used them several times already...I can tell you that they live up to the hype...and are my new favorite cleaning product!!

I began in the bathroom by scrubbing down the mirrors and the stainless steel fixtures. To use it, all you have to do is simply wet it thoroughly and wring it out well. The idea is to use the cloth damp...not soaking wet. I thought I had seen clean, until I used The Ultimate my entire definition of what clean is has changed. With just a couple wipes my mirrors were sparkling and had no streaks! I was so impressed with how easy it was to use, that I continued into our hall where we have a large mirror (made up of smaller square mirrors) that Kaelyn LOVES to leave her little finger prints on. Again, with just a couple was completely clean!

This is a picture of one part of the mirror in our hall...clearly wiped and touched by Kaelyn's little fingers multiple times throughout the day.

This is a picture taken after I took The Ultimate Cloth to it...amazingly clean with just a couple of wipes.

So far I have only used The Ultimate Cloth on our mirrors, the countertops, windows and stainless steel fixtures...however, there are many more surfaces it can be used on as well. In fact, it can be used on ALL other surfaces in your home, office, vehicle, motrocycle, boat, and RV! It's great on counterotps, floors, electronics - including, but not limited to...stainless steel, black, ceramic and glass stove tops, granite, marble, hardwoods, laminates, tile, leather, painted surfaces, plasma TV screens, camera lenses, computer monitors and more!! The list is absolutely endless.

So how does it work? Well, opposed to an ordinary cloth that simply pushes dirt and dust around, the MiraFiber Technology of The Ultimate cloth has open spaces between the fibers that act as millions of tiny 'scoops' that pull dust, dirt and oil from the surface leaving a spotless, streak-free surface.

The Ultimate Cloth is an eco-friendly way to clean your home. Without the harsh chemicals, it cleans without leaving streaks on glass and other hard surfaces. If you have The Ultimate Cloth, there is no need to have expensive glass, surface and floor cleaning chemicals any more! I think this is fantastic...not only will I save money on these, but also the rolls of paper towels I go through. Finally, it cuts cleaning time in half. This was a claim that I was a bit skeptical about, but after using this product, I can say that it truly does cut down on my cleaning time...which means more time for my family! It is also guaranteed to have 5 years of general use which is fantastic!

I would recommend The Ultimate Cloth to anyone I know. Who wouldn't want a simpler, less expensive way to clean without all the chemicals, right?! It would make a fantastic gift and is definitely a product I consider to be a Mommy Must.

If you're interested in trying out The Ultimate Cloth for yourself, you can receive one for just the cost of shipping and handling by visiting,!

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**The product for this review was provided for free by The Ultimate Cloth. This was not a paid post and my honest opinions were given.**


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